Havana’s Malecón: More than a place for a stroll

Havana’s Malecón: More than a place for a stroll

Attractions & Excursions

By Sandra Portilla

If you go from the Castillo de San Salvador de La Punta to the Castillo de la Chorrera, the beginning and end of the Malecón in Havana, you can find fishermen from the Punta itself. 

Then, the busiest place, where they say they “catch” a good snapper, cushions, tuna and even needles, is near Gervasio Street, in Centro Habana. In the same way, you can fish something in El Vedado, in front of Avenida G, by the Hotel Riviera and the Fountain of Youth, and also near La Chorrera.

Then, the Havana boardwalk is, in addition to the great wall that serves as a seat on the walks along the north coast of the Cuban capital, a place where those who choose this sport, go to look for their daily prey.

They are seen arriving, even at dawn, to the capital's boardwalk, fishing rod on their shoulders and bag of baits in their backpack. 

They endure the morning cold, the midday sun, the mocking glances of night owls and couples in love who consider them intruders.

It is possible to see them at sea, in very simple boats, and also standing right on the Malecon wall. The truth is that finding them has become a very recurring visual and they have already become part of the elements that characterize this part of the city.

Someone may even offer their catch for sale to a visitor. It is quite an attraction! It is logical that the fish settle in these areas where the depth of the sea is greater and on days with clear waters, many can see large species roam there.