"In situ", an abstract art exhibition, a tribute to Cuban culture

"In situ", an abstract art exhibition, a tribute to Cuban culture

Visual Arts

By Rose Ross

October 10 is a relevant date for Cubans, since that day, in the year 1868, began the quest for Cuban independence against Spanish colonialism.

In the eastern part of the country, the Father of the Nation, Carlos Manuel de Cespedes, freed the slaves who worked at his La Demajagua sugar mill, located in the town of Manzanillo.

With this act, the genesis of the revolutionary process was marked in history, and each year a series of cultural activities are held to celebrate the event, a tribute that runs until October 20, a date declared as National Culture Day.

The celebration is already beginning, and the online exhibition "In situ" is one of them. Formed by works of almost thirty Cuban artists, defenders of abstraction as an aesthetic language, the exhibition brings together works made in 2020 during the period of confinement by Covid-19, a reflection of the creativity of Cuban artisans, even in times of pandemic.

Among the names that make up the expo is Salvador Corratgé (1928-2014), a member of the historic group “Ten Concrete Painters”. Another of the authors included is Pedro de Oraá (1931-2020), poet, storyteller, art critic and painter. These two masters are joined by a heterogeneous group, made up of young artists, some consecrated and others with a promising career.

The exhibition can be enjoyed on the digital platform through the Carmelo González Art Gallery profile, on Facebook social network, from this Saturday, October 10, until the coming month of November.