Information to our readers and customers

Information to our readers and customers



The essence of Cuba's culture, its history, hospitality, cuisine, music, fashion, medical advances and the business possibilities the country offers to foreign investment.

About to reach 14 years old, we would like to inform our readers and clients that the objective for which Cubaplus Magazine, a Canadian magazine published in English, and later Cubaplus Latinos, in Spanish, was founded, the idea was and always will be to spread in the Canada, USA and Caribbean markets, all that Cuba has to offer as beautiful in the tourism and cultural fields, as well as in medical advances and national industrial possibilities and its perspectives, always looking to the future.

Every day more readers are added to our publications, both in print, on web pages and on social networks, showing the interest in knowing Cuba and its reality through our approach.

We are always open to suggestions to address issues, always within the profile of our publications.

We take this opportunity to thank Cuban authorities for the opportunity they have given us to work in Cuba and, especially, our co-editor, Latin American News Agency Prensa Latina, who together with our magazine team has worked with us, side by side, during these years to achieve the quality product that we have today.

Despite the difficult situation the world is going through and, of course, Cuba, due to the pandemic, you can be sure that our work will always be aimed at the main objective for which this publication was born, unique in the Canadian market that fully promotes destination Cuba, which will always continue to work in favor of offering a better product every day, despite the obstacles that must be overcome.