International Civil Aviation Day, a celebration of altitude

International Civil Aviation Day, a celebration of altitude

Heritage & Traditions

By Laura Portilla

In 1996, the UN officially recognized that December 7 would be Civil Aviation Day. But it had already been commemorated by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) since 1992.

The date pays tribute to the creation of ICAO itself in 1944, which is the body that regulates this means of transport. The purpose of International Civil Aviation Day is to create and strengthen global awareness of its importance.

The explanation lies in the fact that the world can no longer be conceived without air transport. One of the objectives this day is for countries to cooperate in order to create a truly global transit network at the service of all humanity.

Every five years, the ICAO council establishes a special anniversary theme for that day. During the period 2015-2020 the Council has selected the following theme: “working together to ensure that no country is left behind”.

Given the importance of international civil aviation, several films have been inspired by this important work. It is worth highlighting among them “The Flight” (USA, 2012), starring Denzel Washington, “Sully” (USA, 2004) starring Tom Hanks, and “The Aviator” (USA, 2004), with a special performance by Leonardo DiCaprio.

Some curiosities associated with aeronautics are that in October 2019 the record for the longest flight in the world was broken, between New York and Sydney, that took almost 20 hours. The largest aircraft in the world is the Antonov AN-225, with a wingspan of 88 meters and was used to transport the space shuttle 'Buran'. The smallest, the CriCri has a wingspan of 4.9 meters.

As is known, on May 29, 1919, the first commercial flight from Cuba to the United States was made in a plane then called "Sunshine", piloted by Agustín Parlá, the first Cuban to fly an airplane.

A decade later, on October 8,1929, the flag carrier of the largest of the Antilles, Cubana de Aviación was born, among the first companies to open the era of commercial flights.

May all civil aviation workers in Cuba and the world receive a well-deserved congratulation, on behalf of Cubaplus magazine, for their dedication to this important work, essential for today's world.