Layout of Havana: the city in miniature

Layout of Havana: the city in miniature

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By Rose Ross

The Model of Havana is a miniature reproduction of the city and one of the largest of its kind in the world. It has a total area of ​​144 square meters and consists of 39 boards 2 meters long by 10 meters wide.

Each board shows 4 square kms of the city, which includes the most significant areas of the capital, such as the municipalities of Old Havana, Centro Habana, Cerro, Plaza de la Revolución, Playa, 10 de Octubre, Arroyo Naranjo, San Miguel del Padrón, Luyano, part of East Havana as Alamar, Regla, Guanabacoa, Boyeros, Marianao and La Lisa.

Located in the capital's Miramar neighborhood, the Layout of Havana is today one of the main attractions of the city, open to the public since June, 1995.

Tiny details of buildings, streets and walks, monuments, squares, parks and sculptures, industrial and rural areas throughout the Havana coastline and its beaches, all are clearly observed.

It arose as part of a project of the Group for the Integral Development of the Capital (GDIC), and although first small test models of some areas of the city were made at different scales, it was decided to choose the 1: 1000 scale as the most appropriate, for being the smallest possible dimension to adequately represent architectural and urban details.

Through the use of different colors, the historical stages of growth and transformation of the city can be distinguished, the details of which are observed by using spyglasses by visitors.

For its construction, plans and aerial photos were used, triangulating the image of the city centimeter by centimeter. This ensured not only the quality of details in the work, but also the fidelity when representing reality, together with the expertise of all the specialists who worked on this work.