Members of Jury of 39th Festival of New Latin American Cinema Is Presented

Members of Jury of 39th Festival of New Latin American Cinema Is Presented

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The members of the jury of the various specialties of the 39th International Festival of New Latin American Cinema were presented in Havana, only a few hours before the official opening of the event, which will run until December 17.

The fiction section is chaired by multi-award winning Mexican director Felipe Casals and is completed by Colombia’s Víctor Gaviria, Spanish Inés París, Brazilian Ilda Santiago and Cuba’s Senel Paz.

The First Work Section will have Costa Rica’s María Lourdes Cortés, Cuban Patricia Ramos and Chile’s Matías Bize at the front; while Carmen Guarini, from Argentina; Samuel Larson, from Mexico; and director Julia Mirabal, from Cuba, will choose the movie worthy of the Coral Prize in the Documentary Section.

The Animated Films and Posters Section, two of the most dynamic areas in the history of the festival, will see Argentina’s Pablo Polledri, Mexican César Cepeda, and Cuba’s Mario Masvidal as members of the jury; while the responsibility of the Script jury will fall on Daniel García Molt, Jaime Tenorio, and Marilyn Garbey, from Argentina, Colombia and Cuba, respectively. Postproduction proposals will be evaluated by Spanish Manuel Martín Cuenca, Canada’s Diana Sanchez and Cuban Inti Herrera.

The awards given by the International Federation of the Film Media (Fipresc) will be decided by Turkish Esin Kucuktepepinar, Spanish Margarita Chapatte and Antonio Enrique González from Cuba.

Douglas P. Fahlson, of Ireland, and Cubans Frank Padrón and Aristides O'Farril were called to give the Signis Prize, granted by the World Catholic Association for Communication.

Four hundred four movies will be screened during the festival, of which 19 are in the contest for the Coral Prize in the fiction section, 18 in first work, 23 in documentaries, 18 in shorts and medium-length films, 16 in animated work, 20 in unpublished scripts and 24 in posters sections.