MINTUR statement on World Tourism Day, September 27

MINTUR statement on World Tourism Day, September 27



The Ministry of Tourism of Cuba joins the celebrations on World Tourism Day, under the slogan "Tourism and rural development" with the commitment to continue working for quality, diversification of the offer and productive linking in order to promote tourism and the Cuban economy.

This year, the celebration comes at a difficult time for the whole world, where tourism has been hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic, and at the same time, it is seen by nations as a way to boost economic recovery. So do rural communities, closely related to the modality that we honor.

Cuba currently works in the development of rural tourism in order to achieve opportunities and sources of employment in rural areas that allow our visitors to know the local culture and traditions, under the prism of the preservation of natural heritage.

The tourism sector provides productive links with other sectors of society that guarantee the supply of goods and services that contribute to the growth of the economy, under the pillars of inclusion and sustainability.

The Cuban tourism industry grows and develops thanks to the efforts of each of the workers in the sector. Our most sincere appreciation for the work of each day reaches you, as well as our clients, partners of tourism operation: tour operators, travel agencies, airlines, associated hotel chains and tourism professionals in general.Happy World Tourism Day!

Ministry of Tourism of Cuba