Modern Town, for lovers of good art

Modern Town, for lovers of good art

Visual Arts


Works by photographer Alfredo Sarabia and sculptor José Carlos Mesa can be seen in the Modern Town exhibition, sponsored by CubaPLUS magazine and Le Bazar Culinario.

The exhibition presents a dozen images by the renowned lens artist, belonging to the Pueblo Modelo series, among them Vía Regia (2013), Huracán (2017) and El olvido will come knocking on your door (2013).

For them, Sarabia was inspired by the history of the community founded by American Milton Hershey at the beginning of last century in the surroundings of his sugar mill in the western region of Santa Cruz del Norte, and in which he replicated the experience of a model town developed by him in Pennsylvania.

Evidence of the infinite artistic possibilities that metal offers, there are pieces by sculptor José Carlos Mesa, including Locomotora (Locomotive), El Viaje (The Trip) and Pensamientos (Thoughts), in whose creation he used forged and welded steel, recovered pieces.

The coherence of the work of these creators was highlighted by curator and artistic producer Mayda Tirado at the opening of the exhibition, which was attended, as a guest artist, by painter Pablo Rosendo, who will exhibit soon.

The exhibition was also an occasion to remember the foundation 20 years ago of the restaurant Le Chansonier, which now offers its new Le Bazar Culinario service, in which it combines gastronomy and culture in new ways and deepens the establishment's traditional trend to highlight good art.