Nanoscience Program is a Priority in Cuba

Nanoscience Program is a Priority in Cuba

Ageing of the population and new pharmaceuticals to face it are among the priorities of the National Program of Nanoscience and Nanotechnologies which promotes this technology for the country’s development, said an expert in Havana.

In statements to Prensa Latina, Luis Felipe Desdin, researcher of the Center of Technological Applications and Nuclear Development, explained the program, presented last December, is aimed at facing the great challenges of the country in the social and economic fields.

The attention to the elderly, the geriatric diseases will need more advanced pharmaceuticals, but also new methods to treat the water, recycling, purification and desalination, he exemplified.

We need to add values to the products of the biotechnological industry, expand their licenses, that they are more effective and also, develop catalyzers for the oil industry, he explained.

The senior researcher, who participated at the Convention of Science, Technology and Innovation, closed on March 9, said the program looks for solutions through the nanotechnologies in fields such as construction and agriculture.

We look for building materials more resistant to temperaturas to the action of seawater for being Cuba an island, but we also look to improve the results in agriculture with less amounts of pesticide, he stressed.

For Desdin the main challenge to put this program into operation, inserted in the Economic and Social Development Plan of the country until 2030, is to coordinate actions and unite the scientific community in a way that synergies can be promoted for the interaction of institutions and the formation of human resources.

He commented that the arrival of nanoscience to world development has turned into an industrial revolution, which he described as silent. It is an avalanche of products, from cosmetics, solar cells, sportswear to electronics.

We prepare now to take optimum advantage of this industrial revolution, although in Cuba, he recalled, we have been working in this area for the last two decades.

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