Postponement of the International Cinema Festival Gibara 2018

Postponement of the International Cinema Festival Gibara 2018

Film & Television

Por Mercy Ramos

The 14th Gibara’s International Cinema Festival will be carried out this year during the first week of July, in an exceptional circumstance, due to the parliamentary elections process and the beginning of the IX Legislature that will happen in April. 

This important meeting which is performed usually in April, in this occasion will be set for July 1-7, coinciding with the summer vacations of Cuban students, making possible their participation in the program specially created for infants. 

According to Jorge Perugorria, President of the event, the Festival will continue increasing, trend evidenced since the last year with the change in the name. The opening of the Gibara’s FIC to accept any kind of work with aesthetic-conceptual quality and the invitation to a higher number of artists of different art forms, among other changes, confirm this intention. 

Perugorria explained that in the next edition will return to the competition the animation and video art’s category which we believe is necessary in the event because of the great quantity of artists and works of visual arts join to the Festival. Also, he added, the unpublished scripts will have their own category, because in 2017 they belonged to cinema in construction’s category. 

Finally, said Perugorria, the Festival continues being inspired by Humberto Solas' principles (its creator). In fact, in the Cinema in construction’s section the prize that takes its name will be granted to the work that redounds in a greater Poor Cinema’s Manifesto honour.