September 30: International Translation Day

September 30: International Translation Day

Heritage & Traditions

By Colette Laforet

Since 1991, the International Translation Federation (FIT) celebrates the International Translation Day every September 30, with the aim of showing solidarity among its members and highlighting the enormous value that this profession has in an increasingly world globalized.

  The reason for choosing this date to commemorate the profession of translator is due to the death anniversary of Jerónimo de Estridón, more popularly known as Saint Jerome, patron saint of translators and responsible for the translation of the Bible from Hebrew into Latin and into Greek.

Despite the fact that the ITF had been celebrating International Translation Day for years, it was not until 2017 that the United Nations General Council decided to make this day official. 

The community of translators celebrates the date happily and with appreciation from the public, due to the hard work that has been reflected in the digital world thanks to these professionals and even by fans of languages.

Proof of this are the millions of subtitles that are uploaded daily to the internet to be able to consume YouTube videos, talks, annual events where some of the world's most important thinkers and entrepreneurs share what they are most passionate about; and even series and movies, without neglecting the more traditional translators who are dedicated to bringing the literary world to every corner of the planet.