Sixty-two Street Boulevard, new attraction of Varadero

Sixty-two Street Boulevard, new attraction of Varadero



Varadero, considered the second-best beach in the world, will offer its visitors new possibilities for recreation and leisure, when the boulevard under construction soon to be operational.

According to local authorities, the new pedestrian promenade will be partially opened on November 15, although it is expected that its full operation will not take much longer. With an area of seven thousand square meters, the boulevard is between 62nd and 64th streets of the resort and includes more than 58 establishments including restaurants, cafes, shops and markets, among other options.

A square for artisans will be one of the most attractive places for tourists, since souvenir creators will offer their articles so visitors can acquire different memorabilia of Varadero and Cuba in general.

Three specialized restaurants include one of Asian food, the second of Russian cuisine and the third specialized in Swiss favorites, where you can taste the star dish: cheese fondue.

There is also a house specializing in coffee, for lovers of the aromatic liquid, another one in chocolate and one in rum. A guarapera will be a favorite of visitors who love to taste the exquisite juice of sugar cane right from the plant.

Assorted clothing and footwear stores, including those dedicated to the sale of famous brands such as Addidas, are also available to customers, while children can enjoy numerous attractions in the cultural square on Street 64, where there will be different recreational activities, concerts and other shows, both day and night. To complete attractions, the boulevard will have a 10-room motel operated by Islazul hotel chain, with all the necessary amenities for a great vacation.