Solidarity also has its day

Solidarity also has its day

Heritage & Traditions

By Coco Simpson

Since the year 2000, every August 31 celebrates the International Day of Solidarity, promulgated by the United Nations (UN). The main purpose of this day is to promote mutual help and to be in solidarity with others.

To the same extent that everyone helps and works for a common cause, it will be possible to live in a peaceful and prosperous world. To celebrate this day, the first thing is to be aware of what the true needs of the community, city or country are.

According to the UN itself, this day does not have a fixed program, each country or town is free to celebrate it as best suits the needs of its inhabitants. What should not be lost is that all activities must reflect a spirit of solidarity and human aid.

In the specific case of Cuba, it can be said this journey is celebrated every day, since historically, professionals of the island have provided their humanitarian and brotherly aid in hundreds of places throughout the world.

Thus, doctors, nurses, teachers and professionals in other fields, have offered their knowledge in less-favored countries, which have needed support.

Recently, many Cuban health personnel have rendered their solidarity serving the needy in various parts of the world. The Henry Reeve Medical Brigade has actively participated in the fight against Covid-19 pandemic that plagues the planet, for which numerous organizations worldwide advocate that Cuban Doctors and Nurses be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.