Talent gathered in a Concert for Cuba

Talent gathered in a Concert for Cuba


By Cary Quintana

On July 18 and 19, the ConciertoPorCuba took place online, promoted by the Hot House in the city of Chicago, jointly with the Cuban Ministry of Culture and the Cuban Institute of Music. 

The action, the first of its kind in the history of Cuban and universal music, has the precedent of that staged in 2018 at the Kennedy Center in Washington, a milestone in the cultural exchange between Cuba and the United States.

On this occasion, the reason was to “build bridges of solidarity, harmony and respect, based on a long musical friendship between both peoples”. According to what Pablo Menéndez, a U.S. musician based in Havana and director of Grupo Mezcla, told Cuban television, the initiative was intended to support the candidacy of the Cuban Medical Brigade “Henry Reeve” for the Nobel Peace Prize, due to its contribution to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

The concert grouped important figures from the Cuban, American and other latitudes scene. About 30 famous artists, among them, rumba musicians Osaín del Monte, the Californian band Ozomatli, the group Moncada, British rock band Bush, the group Síntesis, Congolese singer Ricardo Lemvo, the percussionist John Santos, the multi-instrumentalist Anglo-American Jon Cleary, Alexander Abreu and Habana de Primera and Omara Portuondo with the OrquestaFailde.

For the first time in both countries’ cultural relations, a program of these characteristics was organized. The performances were enjoyed through the platforms and social networks of Hot House Global, the Ministry of Culture and the Cuban Institute of Music, as well as through the chain of linked pages of Streaming Cuba and the Clave channel of Cuban Television in a live broadcast.