The Heredia Theater, cultural treasure of Santiago de Cuba

The Heredia Theater, cultural treasure of Santiago de Cuba

Theatre & Performing Arts

By Rose Ross

The Heredia Theater is the main theater in Santiago de Cuba, the most important cultural center in that province, linked from its beginnings to artistic, political, intellectual and scientific events.

Inaugurated in 1991, this theater constitutes one of the most valuable architectural jewels built after the triumph of the Revolution. Its construction began in 1986.

Thousands of hours of unpaid voluntary work of the people of Santiago, together with that of builders, made up a social work of art that has brought them so much satisfaction.

The project was in charge of the architect Antonio Quintana, it has three rooms equipped with modern audio and lighting systems and a series of galleries on the ground floor that serve as headquarters for exhibitions and meetings.

Its main hall has a capacity for 2 452 people, has 1 723 seats in the stalls and 729 on the balcony, with rooms for rehearsals for choirs, orchestras, dancers, individual and group dressing rooms, exchange and quick-change rooms, hairdresser, wardrobe warehouse and sewing workshop, all of unmatched functionality.

Among the highly prestigious figures and companies that have performed on its stages are the National Ballet of Cuba and the absolute prima ballerina Alicia Alonso; the children's group La Colmenita; the National Circus of Cuba; popular Cuban orchestras; Folkloric Ballet of the East; Cutumba Folkloric Ballet; and the Caribbean Dance Theater Company.

On the other hand, the Heredia Theater has been chosen for the celebration of national and international events, becoming regular clients of this installation.