Today is First International Clean Air Day for a blue sky

Today is First International Clean Air Day for a blue sky


By Mercy Ramos

Air pollution is currently one of the most worrying issues in the world today, since it is the greatest environmental risk to human health and one of the main causes of disease and death that can be avoided.

For this reason, last December 19, the General Assembly of the United Nations adopted a resolution to celebrate on September 7 an International Clean Air Day for a blue sky to call on the world to raise public awareness in this regard and improve air quality.

Precisely in the difficult moments that humanity is currently experiencing, due to the epidemiological situation caused by Covid-19, the celebration of this day acquires greater importance given the need to join forces in favor of the fight against pollution to preserve the health of humanity.

Cuba is one of the countries in the world that has a legislation on the preservation of the environment. Law no. 81 (1997) called the Environmental Law establishes that the State protects the environment and the country's natural resources. It recognizes its close link with sustainable economic and social development to make human life more rational and ensure the survival, well-being and security of current and future generations.

This reflects the constant concern of the island's authorities in this regard, for which the country has a permanent campaign in favor of the rational use of water and natural resources in general, the protection of flora and fauna, and avoiding throwing waste on public roads and the sea, among other measures.

According to international statistics, air pollution contributes to premature deaths each year and is considered by the United Nations as the greatest risk to environmental health.

Many cities in Latin America, just to cite one example, suffer from increasing air degradation due to traffic and the destruction of forests, factors that can be avoided with a good environmental policy.

But air pollution is a global problem with great far-reaching repercussions because of its vast spread. Hence the urgent need for aggressive intervention, since there is a risk of a notable increase in deaths that is estimated to be more than 50 percent before 2050.

Because of that and other reasons, the United Nations adopted the celebration, for the first time and from now on, of the International Day of Clean Air for a blue sky, and invited the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) and other related organizations to facilitate activities in favor of a healthier world for humanity.

The message of this first International Clean Air Day for a blue sky is that air pollution does not have to be part of our future. We have the solution and we must take the necessary measures to combat this invisible enemy and provide #CleanAir for all.