Tourists arrival increases to Cuban province

Tourists arrival increases to Cuban province

The increase of the number of tourists who visit Camagüey is proportional to the increase of the operations in the International Airport Ignacio Agramonte which received 250 thousand passengers from several destinations in 2017. 

Silvia Ferrer, airport facility’s manager, in her stamen to the press said that the figure of entries and exits grew about 5 percent regarding the previous year, an indicator which demonstrates the development of the tourist sector in this region, distant about 500 kilometers from Havana. 

Likewise, that amount of visitors represents 48 725 people more than in 2016, and from 34 weekly international operations performed, 19 of them came from United States, Ferrer emphasized. 

In spite of the American Government's restrictions which limit to its citizens to travel freely to Cuba, last years, the regularity in the operations of different airlines such as American Airlines and JetBlue Airways has brought about the growing arrival of Americans to the country. 

Besides, the agreements with the Canadian tour operator Nolitours and the arrival of the Transat Airline, make possible the increase of foreign visitors, especially to Santa Lucia beach destination, main tourist resort distant about 100 kilometers from Camagüey, province’s city seat. 

In the current Cuban tourism’s high season, important tour operators and international agencies drive round this eastern city to certify the infrastructure of this tourist destination, one of the first villages founded by the Spaniard colonialists in Cuba, in 1514. 

Camagüey is one of the most outstanding destination for those who enjoy the urban tourism in the archipelago which has in the capital, Matanzas, Villa Clara, and Holguín, other cities with potentials and places with a lot of natural and architectural beauties.

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