Varadero, not just a beach destination...

Charly Morales Valido, on: Cuisine
Varadero, not just a beach destination...

Ok, Varadero it's the most famous Cuban beach, but it's way more than that. For example, a gourmet destination... That's why International Bartenders Association (IBA) choose it to host an event to assess the techniques and styles of Cuban bartenders... 


Eduardo Adrian Juarez, IBA Vice-president for America, stressed the steady growth achieved by Cuban Association of Bartenders, with a greater presence of young people interested in this profession, to make their living or follow a passion... or both... 

As a matter of facts, IBA outlined a project to train tasting judges, with Cuban teachers as benchmark. Founded 93 years ago, the first association of this kind in the world promotes the talent thru teachers, competitors and board members, even those that remain unknown. 

This year event it's part of 9th Varadero Gourmet festival, which will run until June 30th in this city.   


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