Varadero, one of the safest beaches in the Caribbean

Varadero, one of the safest beaches in the Caribbean


Photos & Text: Mercy Ramos

Varadero, among the 10 best beaches in the world, is also considered one of the safest because its 52 hotels hold the Most Hygienic and Safe Tourism (T + HS) certification, accredited by the Cuban Ministries of Health and Tourism. At a press conference, the delegate of the Ministry of Tourism (MINTUR) in Matanzas, Ivis Fernández, said that the decisive factor to achieve this condition was human capital, which has strictly followed the measures indicated by the health authorities with discipline and strictness in the country.

This made it possible that in none of the 52 hotels in Varadero contagion of Covid-19 has been registered since March, when the pole still worked with some 22 thousand foreign clients daily and even during the summer with the domestic market, he added.

"It is for this reason, she said, that the best vaccine we have had has been responsibility and discipline in complying with the sanitary measures approved by the country's authorities to guarantee safe tourism."

During a meeting held this Friday with the foreign press accredited in Cuba at the Meliá International of Varadero, Fernández also referred in detail to the investment work carried out in the resort during the months that it was closed to foreign tourism and, she pointed out, during this stage, over nine thousand improvements were made to the hotel plant and extra-hotel facilities in the area.

Among the work undertaken she mentioned the construction of the new boulevard, with a surface of about 7 thousand square meters, and the Floridita restaurant; the repair of the emblematic Josone Park, the Plaza América convention center, which will host the International Tourism Fair (FITCUBA) next year, the Xanadú mansion, a national monument, and numerous hotels.

All this, together with the hygienic-sanitary measures that start from the arrival of tourists at the Juan Gualberto Gómez international airport, the establishment of WIFI connection in all the spa facilities, the possibility of enjoying more than 60 attractive excursions, along with the exceptional climate of the beautiful blue beach -which makes an ideal setting for nautical activities-, reaffirms this famous resort as a safe and ideal destination for the enjoyment of a magnificent vacation.