"Vision first": motto for this October 8

"Vision first": motto for this October 8

Health & Medicine

By Colette Laforet

Every second Thursday in October, since 2000, World Sight Day is celebrated, a date decreed by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the International Organization for the Prevention of Blindness (IAPB).

The objective of this day is to raise awareness about the different types of visual disorders and existing treatments in order to prevent more and more people from losing, partially or totally, the ability to see.

The most recent studies show that 80% of the cases of blindness that exist today could have been prevented and even cured. It is estimated that 20% of them could be avoided, while for the other 60% there are treatments and surgical interventions that provide a better quality of life to the patient and even completely restore this sense.

According to studies carried out, it has been concluded that among all the parts of the body that respond best to transplants or any type of surgery, the eyes are one of the organs that present the most favorable results.

This year, the celebration proclaims the slogan "Vision First", in support of millions of people in the world who cannot see well because they do not have access to glasses or spectacles.

According to data from the same WHO, in the world there are approximately 180 million people with some type of visual impairment, of which a total between 40 and 45 million are totally blind.

In Cuba there is a hospital specialized in eye care. The Ramón Pando Ferrer Cuban Institute of Ophthalmology, in Havana, better known as La Ceguera, constitutes a national and international reference center, in whose rooms the sight of thousands of people, Cuban and foreign, has been improved or restored through care programs known as Operation Miracle.