The Olympic Awakening...

By: Charly Morales Valido , on: Sports
The Olympic Awakening...

If we drop any chauvinist opinions and see the Olympics as they should be, an ecumenical celebration, then we can say that Rio 2016 was a great event on all counts. If, on the contrary, we judge an Olympic event by the country's rols, in our case Cuba, then we should also be satisfied, because it could not have gone better... 18th place among more than 200 countries? By God, I mean, by Zeus!

The Olympic Awakening...The problem is that many expected to see in Rio an encore of what was that utopia achieved in Barcelona, too long ago already. If the event in Rio had something good, it was that we finally awoke from that wonderful dream in which fifth place in the unrepeatable games of Barcelona-1992 plunged us.

Squarely in the 21st century, it is time to internalize that the correlation of forces and contexts have changed, and we neither are, nor can we aspire to be the sports power we once were. Among other reasons because the results are becoming increasingly more expensive, and an economy like Cuba's can not, nor should, prioritize sport, such as it did yesteryear.

The delegation that has just returned from Rio de Janeiro with five gold medals, two silvers and four bronzes, plus thirty Olympic diplomas, reserved for the finalists, holds immense merit. Many of its members were born and forged in an era of economic hardship, lack of resources and attrition at the highest level. In the end, this lack of warmup took its toll in both the ranking and the competitions.

The Olympic Awakening...Sometimes, in our patriotic fervor, we forget that in other countries there are people with talent, dreams, and in many cases the necessary funding to channel the former, and realize the latter. In just 20 years, Great Britain went from earning a single title to escort United States in the overall medal tally. And it's just that London has invested 240 million pounds in forging these athletes, and make them competitive.

Let's admit it: innocence is dead. There is talk of technological doping, sponsored by governments and undetectable alchemies, because everyone wants to win and take a slice of the pie, be it financial, ideological or moral. Out of the 17 countries that preceded Cuba in the Rio-2016 medal table, only three classify as third-world (Jamaica, Kenya and Brazil). On the other hand, not a few medalists from "poor" countries live and train in "rich" countries.

But in the end, only we conflictive do such a math: the Olympic Games are meant to alienate us for a couple of weeks, get mad at something that is not going to solve our life, and make us wonder why the exploits of Mijail Lopez and Carmelo Anthony did not generate as much admiration as Bolt, Phelps or Ryan Lochte's binge ...

Do you want a profound opinion? I did like the Games ...

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