• David P Carroll

    David P Carroll

    A beautiful show of affection for our nation through art, a poem by David P Carroll
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  • Eneida Rosa Ovalles

    Eneida Rosa Ovalles

    After God, without the Cuban doctors, I would not have had a second chance at life. Everything that Cuban doctors do is out of vocation, love and desire. I take my hat off to the Cuban doctors
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  • Judy Bryden

    Judy Bryden

    We were so very impressed with the reception and treatment we received from all the staff at La Pradera. I felt it was one of the best experiences of her life!
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  • Dominic Soave

    Dominic Soave

    Very grateful to the Cuban health system for giving me the opportunity to receive the stem cell transplant, which has given me back the possibility of moving my arms almost as before I suffered from the disease in my joints.
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  • Reynaldo Rivera

    Reynaldo Rivera

    I arrived in a wheelchair and left it instantly because Cuba has a magic, it transmits a tranquility that is not found anywhere else in the world
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  • Dennis and Nancy Kirk

    Dennis and Nancy Kirk

    I mentioned to my wife that for our wedding anniversary I would like to do something unique. I said I would like to take her out for a really good Cuban sandwich and a Mojito. She of course asked me where I wanted to take her, I replied "Cuba".
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  • Andras Szabo

    Andras Szabo

    This house is stunningly beautiful, extremely well cared for, and very comfortable. Attention to details, top level furnishings, rooms compete with suites in Melia Habana for style, comfort, and quality at 1/3 the price. 5 star, 100% recommended!!
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