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Havana a real marvelous story


Arriving in Havana is always a big deal, both for those who visit it for the first time and for those who already know it or for the Cubans themselves, as its happy, kind and friendly atmosphere welcomes everyone who arrives.

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Visitors and Havana’s Rum Museum

Text and Photos by Roberto F. Campos

Havana is currently showcasing its defining features, as it will celebrate 500 years since its founding on November 16. Hence, all those who have visited or plan to visit the capital this year come looking for cultural and traditional elements such as Cuban rum.

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Capitol of Havana, undisputed tourist attraction

Text Roberto F. Campos / Photos: Roberto Campos and Ferval

One of the most interesting tours in Havana is a visit to the Capitol of Havana, which, while still undergoing renovation, already hosts many pilgrims from all over the planet. A site built to house the Cuban Parliament (National Assembly of the Popular Power), it is of incomparable beauty and has a history that all should get to know.

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Cienfuegos, An Ideal Place for Diving in Cuba

By Francisco Menéndez, Photos: Publicitur and Francisco Menéndez

The Faro Luna International Diving Center - located in Cuba’s southerncentral province of Cienfuegos - is an ideal place for diving and snorkelling, and also the site of frequent underwater photography contests. Faro Luna director, Ernesto Manzanares, highlighted that in addition to fostering underwater adventures, the centre also takes part in international scientific collaboration projects on marine biology-related issues.

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By Grethel Morales, Photos: Emilio Herrera

Many books have been inspired by Havana, and not just because of its warm atmosphere or its seafront. Its architecture, which ranges in style from neoclassical to eclectic, stands out particularly because of its unique columns.

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The Morro Cabaña Park, The Story of the Havana’s Gates

By Mercy Ramos, Photos: Publicitur

Dilapidated, elegant and impressive, the fortresses of the Morro and the Cabana rise up in the very entrance of the bay of the Cuban capital to welcome all navigators arriving at the city that is close to reaching half a millennium since its foundation, brimming with history and tradition.

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Living Statues of Havana

By Rachel Pereda

Havana is a city in movement: people rushing, street vendors and passers-by laughing and talking; the streets are always abuzz. Havana does not rest, it continues to be full of activity almost 500 years after its founding.

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La Giraldilla Havana’s Emblem of Love

By Mercy Ramos

No visitor to the Cuban capital will fail to notice the beautiful bronze statuette standing at just over a metre tall, sitting on top of the Castillo de la Real Fuerza—the Royal Castle—in Old Havana, which became the symbol of the city already nearly five centuries ago.

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The Lions of Havana’s Prado

By Tino Manuel / Photos: Miguel Guzmán

For years tourists from around the world have been enchanted by the majestically powerful, poetically beautiful bronze lions that dutifully watch over Prado, Havana’s central promenade.

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Text & photos: Roberto F. Campos

Located south of the Plaza de Armas and adjacent to the Palacio de los Capitanes Generales, the street runs all the way from the shores of Havana Bay to Monserrate street.

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MALECÓN, Havana’s Longest Terrace

Text & photos: Jorge Luis Sánchez Rivera

Waves break along the length of the sea wall that borders Havana’s most popular thoroughfare, the avenida Antonio Maceo also known as the Malecón. This eight kilometre coastal highway is one of the most visited sites in the capital.

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Sierra Maestra Ideal Spot for Hikers

Text & photos: Roberto F. Campo

The Sierra Maestra mountain range is the perfect place for adventurous travelers. The region is full of lush greenery and traditions that allow visitors to let their imaginations run free or to simply enjoy everyday life here.

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Tourism and Sports in Jardines del Rey

Por Cubaplus

Besides sun and beach tourism, top products of Jardines del Rey, in North Ciego de Avila province, that destination is also offering sports options, as the excursión to the baseball stadium, Jose Ramon Cepero, very much in demand by Canadian visitors.

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