Beaches of Cuba, a paradise in the Caribbean

Beaches of Cuba, a paradise in the Caribbean

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Cuba’s favorable location, south of the Tropic of Cancer and between the waters of the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, has blessed it with a tropical climate conducive to pleasant summer seasons.

Beaches of Cuba, a paradise in the Caribbean

Over 300 natural beaches line the large island, all surprising and welcoming. Its clean, warm and safe waters are a place for all-round fun. Their environments vary throughout the archipelago, some are between mountains; others are intimate inlets surrounded by greenery and there are even cliffs. You can choose to suit your taste.

The shades of its waters are enticing and the type of sand differs according to the area: golden, grey, white, copper, but equally pleasing to stretch out and enjoy the tropical sun. In all of them it is possible to obtain, as an authentic souvenir, the tan that so many have come looking for.

Among the most beautiful beaches in Cuba are: María La Gorda, in Pinar del Río; Playas del Este, in Havana; Jibacoa, in Mayabeque; Varadero, in Matanzas; Rancho Luna, in Cienfuegos; Ancón and María Aguilar, in Trinidad; Santa Lucía, in Camagüey; Guardalavaca and Esmeralda, in Holguín; Marea del Portillo, in Granma; Maguana, in Guantánamo and those of the keys, which are true oases.

As a general feature, Cuban beaches have amazing transparency and are protected, especially on the north coast, by coral formations that allow for magnificent diving sessions and the practice of different water sports.

Among the most famous beaches is Varadero, one of the best sun and beach destinations in the Caribbean region. Its shore, in the form of a peninsula, is the most northerly point on the island, a position which makes it especially warm. Varadero fascinates the visitor with its natural attraction which stretches the length of 22 km; its infrastructure perfect for short and long stays and marine and diving facilities. Another charm is the Varadero Golf Club, with 18 holes, located in the surrounds of the Mansion Xanadú, former residence of millionaire American Irénee Dupont de Nemours, where meetings and international summits are held. Without doubt, Varadero is an impressive beach.

Beaches of Cuba, a paradise in the Caribbean

Other Cuban jewels Cuba also has more than 400 keys and islets, whose admirable settings stand out with their beauty. These small islands, with attractive flora and fauna characteristics, are part of the Cuban natural treasure.

They are paradisiacal places where extensive sand dunes curved around a blue-green sea prevail. Safe, secluded, quiet; with seductive panoramas and appropriate seabeds for practicing underwater sports, the beaches of the keys of Cuba seduce those who know them.

Tempting as a destination, the northern keys of Villa Clara offer more than 17 kilometers of beaches with delicate white sand, serene waters, and an environment to restore sight and the senses. A 48-kilometer-long road on the sea serves as a link between the largest island in the Cuban archipelago and the keys: Santa María, Las Brujas and Ensenachos, belonging to the Buenavista Biosphere Reserve.

Beaches of Cuba, a paradise in the Caribbean

Also the islets located to the north of the province of Ciego de Ávila, in the central part of Cuba and very close to the Old Channel of the Bahamas, make the visitor’s stay pleasant. Jardines del Rey, specifically with Coco and Guillermo keys, are popular sun and beach destinations, as well as the keys located in the south of the island. These welcoming places have interesting seabeds, exuberant nature and comfortable hotels.

In the list of the 25 best beaches in the world - according to the TripAdvisor Traveller’s Choice Awards at the start of 2020-, Playa Paraíso de Cayo Largo ranked third and Varadero remained at ninth.

It is that Cuban beaches are excellent places to experience emotions, any day of the year. Their bounties, and the harmony between them and the landscapes that surround them are part of their uniqueness. Swathes of sand of various shades; coastline for beach activities and amazing seabeds for diving, have turned them into places for enjoyment. All these wonders are at hand in Cuba, that extraordinary island where one breathes security and happiness.