Pearl of the South

Pearl of the South

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Perla del Sur (Pearl of the South) was founded April 22, 1819 next to Jagua Bay, one of the finest bays in the world due to its size (88 square kilometres), depth and safety. It has been developed as a high-level cultural and tourist center, with an emphasis on nautical activities due to its privileged location in the southern region of the Caribbean. The natural features of the Pearl of the South: low tides, insignificant waves within the bay, 78% relative humidity, 31% salinity and good visibility most of the time, also contribute to make it an ideal base for navigation both across the bay and along the southern coast.

Pearl of the SouthALBORAN-BLUESAIL, a charter base jointly run by CON-IMPEX Touristik GmbH & Co. Projektentwicklung KG, Berlin and ALBORAN CHARTER S.L, Majorca, built a new base just across from the historic Club Nautico in Cienfuegos. The complete facility includes a front desk, bathrooms and showers for men and women, left-Iuggage lockers, storage and workshops for boat maintenance, as well as a private pier for boat rental just 50 metres away from the Cienfuegos Yacht Club building.

All facilities are near the best service area in the city, including supermarkets, restaurants and leisure areas to meet every need and a full dive into current Cuban life.

In addition to taking advantage of the beauty, culture, services and facilities found in Cienfuegos, we provide access to the best navigation area in the Cuban Caribbean, with a wonderful climate and a calm sea.

The climate is characterized by two seasons, namely the dry season from November to April with temperatures ranging between 22 and 28 degrees Celsius, and the humid season with daytime average temperatures between 24 and 32 degrees Celsius. South to southeast calms and light winds are found from March to October. The daily average is 11 km. (5-15 knots), E-NE usually, thus ensuring superb conditions which, according to national statistics, allow 320 days of navigation in the year.

The fleet is made up of modern single-hull Cyclade units and 38 to 43 foot lagoon and Athens catamarans.

Pearl of the SouthBoats are fully equipped to be used in the Caribbean, with the latest advances in safety, electronic positioning systems and electronic charts.

According to the model and size, boats may have radar, air-conditioning, free-of-charge snorkelling equipment, optional diving equipment and compressors and everything you might need to make your Caribbean holidays more pleasant.

The staff are professional sea experts, very knowledgeable about the beauties that you will find in the Caribbean cays and waters. We recommend hiring them for an exceptional holiday. The joint marketing of this charter company in Cienfuegos is conducted under ALBORAN-BlUESAIL, through the ALBORAN CHARTER S.L.


There is a restricted navigation zone to the west but its limits are only some 42 miles away, and following that, an interesting tour can be made.

During the approximately 7-hour trip to Guano del Este Cay, visitors can enjoy troll fishing, sailing and other water sports. Once in the cay, the boat can anchor among the 3 metre coral reefs to practice underwater activities like swimming and snorkelling.

Among the other spots of interest are Sal Cay, with their extraordinarily beautiful coral reef and fishes of different species and sizes, lobsters and nursing sharks and an inner saltwater lagoon frequented by seagulls, ducks and other sea birds. There is also Sirena (mermaid) Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches on the southern coast, with matchless white sand for sunbathing and snorkelling. Very close to Sirena Beach you'll find Capricho Beach, Women's Islands and natural swimming pools, known as third, fourth and fifth channels.

Pearl of the SouthLet's not forget Iguana cay, habitat for a large number of these prehistoric animals that can be seen in their natural environment. Visitors can also trip to Hijos de los Ballenatos Cay, a spectacular island with a wide variety of fish performing an amazing show around the boat if they are fed, and turning the occasion into a delightful natural aquarium. Of course, visit Rico Cay for its natural canals and superb beach.

Eastward from Cienfuegos are the marvellous Jardines de la Reina. There you can visit Blanco de Casilda Cay, practice troll fishing and enjoy sailing. Further east the visitor can experience an unforgettable tour at the important Humankind Heritage, namely, Trinidad, an area highly protected for its natural environment.

From the Ancón Hotel restaurant, you can visit the museums in Trinidad's historic core just 14 kilometres from the marina. Trinidad was founded in 1512 and has been declared a Humankind Heritage as a true exponent of a Spanish colonial village.