A Walk Through Cienfuegos

A Walk Through Cienfuegos

Known as the II Pearl of the South," Cienfuegos is a fascinating city to visit for its neoclassical architecture, well planned streets, and a great number of interesting places to visit.

Start at the Jose Marti Park right across from the cathedral. This impressive park is centered around a marble statue of Marti. The park is a great place to admire the surrounding buidings and to listen to live music in the late afternoon from the bandstand marking the spot where the city was founded.

A Walk Through Cienfuegos

One of the city's most famous buildings is the Tomas Terry Theatre located on the north side of the park. Built with precious woods, it has hosted many important art activities since its foundation in 1889.

Right in front of the bandstand, have a drink at the Palatino Bar (pictured) while admiring the clean and organized architecture of the city center. Head next to the Casa de la Cultura Benjamin Duarte, on the corner, where you can climb to the mirador, or viewing tower, for a great view of the whole park and surroundings.

A Walk Through Cienfuegos

Travel east on 54th Ave until 31st St. where the Union Hotel (pictured) is located and for a great place to have lunch. Or head up the block to Dino's Pizza for some surprisingly unusual and tasty Italian style pizzas.

Continue east on 54th St. and you will find several tables of street vendors with local arts and crafts. If you need to buy souvenirs, this is the place. Go to 37th St. and stop for a minute at the Benny More statue. One of Cuba's greatest musicians, he was born in Cienfuegos and not taking a picture next to his statue would be the same as not having visited Cienfuegos at all.

Head south on 37th St. and walk alongside the bay. This is Cienfuegos' ma/ec6n, or ocean walk, and the sight is well worth it. Your goal is to reach the aristocratic area of Punta Gorda. Along the way, make a stop at Hotel Jagua and visit the Moorish styled Palacio del Valle (pictured). This is your place for an afternoon snack.


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