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Havana, City of Encounters

Text and photos courtesy of Publicitur

With its ancient and modern streets, its 1950s cars, buildings five centuries old, inviting tropical beaches, museums, art galleries, theatres and beautiful hotels... Havana is enchanting.

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Cuba Security in practice

By Mercy Ramos, Photos: Publicitur

Every traveller wants to know their chosen vacation location is safe. Travellers want a destination where they won’t be at risk of being assaulted or kidnapped. They want to know they won’t fall victim to crime or extreme weather phenomena, or to a deadly virus or other debilitating disease. Travellers want to count on a happy and secure stay.

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Keys & islets: Cuba’s hidden treasures

Nature has endowed the Caribbean with extraordinary charms, nothing short of divine: warm, clear, safe waters perfect for underwater adventures; placid, verdant islets, havens of stillness; coastlines that nourish body and senses, beyond imagination.

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Cuba´s Eternal Summer

Cuba’s heavenly tropical location and near-eternal summer temperatures go a long way to explaining why millions flock to enjoy its beautiful beaches.

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Taco Bay: Sailing and More

Text and Photos: Roberto F. Campos

A colourful natural landscape and a peaceful rural environment characterize Taco Bay in eastern Cuba, frequented by travellers seeking active outdoor vacations. According to tourist guides crossing Taco Bay was for a long time the only way to get to Baracoa, the first village founded by the Spanish conquerors in 1511.

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Hotel Nacional de Cuba Bursting with Cuban history

By Cubaplus / Photos: José Tito Meriño

Crossing the threshold of the majestic Hotel Nacional de Cuba is like taking a trip back in time. Enclosed within the walls of this imposing edifice are almost ninety years of quintessentially Cuban stories.

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Hola Sun Holidays and Caribe Sol, The Cuba Specialists in Canada

Havanatur S.A. is group of tour operators and travel agencies with offices in more than 12 countries around the world. It has two offices in Canada – which is the country that sends the most visitors to Cuba: Hola Sun Holidays Ltd, based in Toronto, Ontario and Caribe Sol located in Montreal, Quebec. Since our foundation, Hola Sun and Caribe Sol’s main strategy has been to promote Cuba as a place of endless exploration offering all the key elements travellers are looking for: vibrant culture, in-depth history, breathtaking landscape, stunning beaches, colonial architecture and most of all, its charming people! It is also an incredibly safe destination, accessible and very affordable for Canadian tourists.

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Hotel Industry Flourishes in Cuba

The development of the hotel industry in Cuba has undeniable challenges in view of its sustainable growth and the quality of its services. This sector, constantly undergoing renovation, attracts the attention of international experts.

The development of the hotel industry in Cuba has undeniable challenges in view of its sustainable growth and the quality of its services. This sector, constantly undergoing renovation, attracts the attention of international experts

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Cuban Observatory Monitors Ocean Acidification

By Julia Cruzata / Photos: Prensa Latina

A Regional Caribbean Observatory is now operating in Cuba with financial support from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to measure ocean acidity, an initiative with a positive environmental and economic impact.

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Cuban Beaches, a Divine Treasure

By Robert F. Campos, Photos: Publicitur

Of Cuba’s 588km of beaches, 256km form part of twelve major tourist regions with good hotel and nautical facilities, in line with recreational development plans.

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Maisí Draws Tourists to Cuba’s Far East

By Yadira Cruz, Photos: PUBLICITUR and (Norlys)

Maisí, Cuba´s easternmost municipality in the province of Guantanamo, is a region renowned for its captivating beauty, where tradition, history and nature come together to offer visitors something special and unique.

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Holguín, the most beautiful land

By Mintur - Photos: Norlys

The discovery of the new world was a tremendous reward for Christopher Columbus, with its perfect anchorage of time and desire. Replete with enchantment, after more than five centuries of a rich history, Holguín is a place where marvelous elements still come together in continually amazing ways.

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Astrid’s Casa A place of natural harmony

By Wina Acosta - Photos: José Tito Meriño

Astrid’s Casa (La Casa de Astrid) has a curious side to it that many people find hard to explain – it’s the kind of experience that takes on greater force in hindsight.

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Evocations of Cuba

Cuba is an extraordinary island where bounties and wonders coexist. Its nature is attractive and stimulating, many of its cities hold secular treasures, its culture is beyond colorful, and the Cubans, charismatic and cheerful, deliver the best of the Caribbean island with every encounter.

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