Havana, City of Encounters

Havana, City of Encounters

With its ancient and modern streets, its 1950s cars, buildings five centuries old, inviting tropical beaches, museums, art galleries, theatres and beautiful hotels... Havana is enchanting.Havana, City of Encounters

The capital of the Republic of Cuba has been since it was founded a port that welcomes and bids farewell to voyagers as they sail in and out. A city unlike any other, it has conserved this mythic and timeless charm since the days when it was the most important Spanish city in this part of the world.

Old Havana is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a space where the past is enveloped in an ethereally captivating aura. Military fortifications and residential buildings mark historical milestones from the sixteenth, seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. The old town still bears the marks of those times: cobbled streets, mossy walls, round arches and balustrades offsetting colonial interiors that reflect the warm colours of the tropics.

This history is woven into the fabric of a city that seamlessly stitches together its other facets, from the pristine beaches to the east of the city, to shopping centres and wide avenues, vibrant night life and a rich cultural scene.Havana, City of Encounters

And its people, with their roots in diverse places and enthralling legends, inspire confidence and emit joy. With dreams as their guide, habaneros make daily life unforgettable. There is nothing like sitting on the city’s sea wall, the Malecón, with friends or a partner sharing an evening watching the sunset and breathing the serenity it radiates, an intrinsic part of this passionate city’s soul.

As night falls, Havana transforms. Lights and people merge into an amalgam of colour and sound. Theatres, cinemas and night clubs come alive in an indescribable collective spectacle. Havana comes into its own showing off its musical side, a welcoming hive buzzing with culture and enjoyment.

All this is complemented by bars, cafés and restaurants, some with their own legends, where visitors can savour traditional Cuban flavours or sample the stylized cosmopolitan tastes of this eclectic city. The Cuban capital also boasts multiple well-equipped conference venues and trade fair facilities, spaces for events of all sizes in central urban locations as well as more secluded countryside settings. Venues include prestigious hotels such as the classic Hotel Nacional de Cuba and modern purpose-built facilities like the Palacio de Convenciones. Every venue offers levels of professionalism and service that guarantee the success and smooth running of all events.