“International Career Studies answered our prayers! We were able to return to Havana together for three months. It was one of the only programs that was offering what we wanted and needed, a postgraduate internship. From the very start ICS was very personal and answered all the questions we had..”«read more»

- Moriah Ray
Havana, Cuba

“I reached out to International Career Studies upon winning a grant from Occidental College to do research for my senior thesis. ICS facilitated the process by finding Professors who could guide...”«read more»

- Ripsime
Havana, Cuba
Alexandra Testimonial

“My experience with International Career Studies was great. I started by writing them about wanting to start an internship in Nueva Gerona, it was the first time they were going to send a student here. Everybody would answer my questions very quickly. It was great.”

- Alexandra
Nutrition Internship
Isla de la Juventud, Cuba
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“Our daughter received all the aid and support promised by International Career Studies: she was welcomed between the flights from Havana to Nueva Gerona, as well as being housed. ICS organized everything to ensure a smooth process.” «read more»

- Constantin
Internship Program
Isla de la Juventud, Cuba
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Warren Testimonial

“My experience here with International Career Studies was great and I had alot of fun. I learned alot and I was able to practice alot of things I wanted to learn within my career. I like Havana alot, I like the people, the culture, the food and all of the things the city has to offer there's a different way of living.”

- Warren
Photojournalism Internship
Havana, Cuba
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“Going to Cuba with International Career Studies was a really good experience because here is an organization that helps you and takes care of everything. I didn't have to take care of anything myself.”

- Jitski
Theatre Production Internship
Havana, Cuba
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Robert J

“My week of Edutourism in Cuba was much more fulfilling than I could ever expect by just taking a vacation. Learning spanish in an academic setting is invaluable. I only wish I could of stayed for a longer experience.”

- Robert
Havana, Cuba
  • Wilfredo Jos Cordero Mndez.

    Age: 45 años.
    Home address: Siquisiqui, Urdaneta, Estado Lara.

    What can I tell you, Doctor? I am a diabetic since the age of thirty, and sometimes jokingly I say: "This is a gift from my father". He also suffers from this disease, and still lives, like my mother. I have five children, and I work in trade, mostly selling plastic containers. In the family, my sister was the most studious. She became a nurse, and is working at the hospital Siquisiqui.

    I will not deny that I like drinking, but right now, pure juice is all I drink. My misfortune came in May, last year, exactly on the day of the mothers. We were making a dinner at home, but I had to leave for a duty, and the damn car started with a failure, due to my carelessness. I press my left foot against the hot metal of the engine, and hit a cry of pain. My skin left attached to the iron. The burn was deep, and my sister ran with me to the hospital, where I received first aid, and they decided to admit me. Cures were painful: some days better, and some worse. I lasted three months, until I got discharged and remained curing me at the hospital. A few weeks later, I had a vesicle pain and still open burn again they decided to admit me to relieve vesicle colic. Just three days were enough to get two bacteria. I cannot remember one of the names, but the other yes it was one Pseudomonas, then came two months of martyrdom. That infection would not go away with anything. I received treatment with every kind of antibiotics. A morning, during the medical visit, Dr. Méndez, Venezuelan orthopaedic, and head of surgical operating, told me that the only option to my problem was to perform an amputation up to the knee. Look, in this moment I felt as if join me heaven and earth as a whole. A strong man like me, what could I do with only one leg in front of my family? Isn't it? But, I cried all that night, and I could not sleep while I remembered the word: amputation. The decision was made. They would operate me very early on Friday. Let me clarify that Siquisiqui is about three hours from Barquisimeto. This is a mountainous area of difficult access. There, the rainy season is hard. Did you hear me? Thursday before my operation, it was raining cat and dogs. It was raining all night and morning. Look if so, that the bridge into town, that was built 27 years ago, fell completely.

    That was why Doctors doctors could not arrive to the hospital, and suspended amputation. My sister, when saw the situation went to Cuban doctors she knew, and brought to Dr. Teo. He told me that if I moved to the Centre for Integrated Attention (CDI), I could save the leg. I did not think it twice. I went definitively, and what kind of serious Doctor was he! He grabbed my leg and cared as him own leg. It improved considerably, but was still at risk.

    When my leg was better, he made coordination, and referred me to the clinic of the Obelisco. There, I was received by the Cuban angiologist Cecilio González. When he saw my medical condition, he gave me hopes to save my leg. I did not believe his words, but he had no choice. He started injecting me a Cuban medicine in the wound which I wrote the name on a paper, and I learned its name by repeating it too much: Heberprot-P. I asked what it meant, and the doctor told me about it. However, I changed it, and I call it: He-ben-prot-P (Hecho y Bendecido para Proteger a los Pobres) that means to me: Done and blessed to protect poor people.

    I will just tell you that I received twenty injections, and here I am fine, with my two legs. I say, thanks to the discovery of this medicine, to the friendship arose between our two countries, and to the collapse of the Siquisiqui's bridge. These are things that happened, and thanks to them, I'm still a happy man.

  • Yadira

    Hola, ME ENCANTA EL SÚCHELI !!!, pero no lo he visto MAS en las tiendas, sale de nuevo al mercado cubano??? donde puedo adquirirlo???, Gracias de antemano, Saludos.

  • Lets go to cuba

    -Lets go to cuba ..something I have always been inteeestrd in before McDonalds wrecks it ..etc, etc. so any trips coming up???let us know. Thanks, Kristin and Mike. We are spending most of our time in the lower columbia river on puget island where we have a home, come on down.

  • Nilesh Sanghvi

    Sounds fantastic! Which venues are the events going to be held at and how do I get tickets?

    CPM: This year the event will be held on Teatro Nacional, Karl Marx, Sala Avenida y Casa del Alba Cultura where music lovers can buy their tickets.

  • Adrian Pellegrini del Riego

    La sensacion de encontrar una estrella fugaz en el firmamento es similar a la que experimentamos cuando una buena publicación se nos muestra, en medio de tanta baja calidad editorial y mal gusto abundante. Esa impresión inolvidable me causo el descubrimiento, la primera vez, de la revista Cubaplus, cuya impronta se debe a la imaginacion y el esfuerzo de un verdadero visionario, el sr. Dominic Soave, y su talentoso equipo de trabajadores, que como buscadores de tesoros, encuentran y descubren verdaderas joyas y las pulen hasta llevarlas a artículos inolvidables y recreaciones de colorida, profunda y trascendental realidad como la cubana y americana.

    El que esto escribe es el primer agradecido por tales bellezas de páginas y letras, pues a esa semilla editorial, debe una exposición que tendrá lugar en la lejana China, y el interés de The Kessler Collection de Estados Unidos para realizar un proyecto en conjunto. Yo espero, con sinceridad y humildad paciente, que los próximos años sean los mejores para esta publicación ya legendaria, pues el futuro es la posibilidad infinita, el resplandor ignoto en cada grieta del camino. Bendiciones a las páginas de esta revista que son como escenas sueltas de la vida de la naturaleza y de un pueblo siempre memorable.

  • Dennis and Nancy Kirk
    Our Cuba Experience I mentioned to my wife that for our wedding anniversary I would like to do something unique. I said I would like to take her out for a really good Cuban sandwich and a Mojito. She of course asked me where I wanted to take her, I replied "Cuba". Our planning started months before departure and we heard all kinds of negative comments about visiting this 'country of turmoil' to our South. I have been to all 50 states, over 30 different countries including Tahiti and other Society Islands. I have sailed the Caribbean as well as most of the Eastern seaboard and Gulf of Mexico. Our trip to Cuba has topped all of those places. The reason being is that we had heard so many negative things and when we were now actually in Cuba, talking and visiting with the real Cuban people, the truth about the other side of this country was amazing! We stayed at the Melia Cohiba in Havana, This is a first class accommodation and the amenities are fantastic. Across the street is the 8 mile long Malecon, the walkway overlooking the Atlantic and Straights of Florida. While during the day our schedule was filled with visiting organic farms and Paladins, our evenings were on our own. We walked the Malecon to mingle with young Cubans, playing real instruments and dancing and having a good time. This was at 1 am! We felt absolutely no fear or hostility and we even walked to see a show by the famous Buena Vista Social Club with three of the original members! In the following days, we visited with children at schools as well as music studios and small fishing villages. We enjoyed seeing all the old vintage American automobiles and talked with several owners that explained due to the lack of access for parts, many of the vehicles were 'hybrids'. Meaning they were kept running using parts of other countries autos. During the day we watched some kids baseball games and kickball. We enjoyed the fact that there was a lack of 'electronic devices' being used and the kids were being raised as a family unit. We visited several artist's studios as well as revolution square and understood more about what shaped this country, it's people, and it's leaders. The fort across from the entrance to Havana Harbor stages a ceremony every evening at 9pm. The colonial background and history are a welcome sight as the cannons thunder, signifying the closing of the city gates and closing of the harbor to protect the Cuban people from Pirates and intruders. Nowadays the closings are not needed but the ceremony has taken place every evening since 1868. It is tradition. We also visited the site of Cuba's capitol building which was built in 1929 and resembles our own countries 'White House'. The time my wife and I had in Cuba was just a small taste of history, beauty and real island people. Our plans are to visit more of this country and especially with the people that live here. There are many tourist areas with white sandy beaches, warm, crystal clear water and water sports like sailing and fishing. We tend to visit more local spots so as to meet and enjoy the locals and families in their everyday lives. We have questions of them and they ask questions of us, this is our communication and contribution toward a better world. Yes, we did have our Mojito and Cuban sandwich, but we got a lot more than we ever imagined, we will return- and soon. Dennis and Nancy Kirk
  • Andras Szabo
    This house is stunningly beautiful, extremely well cared for, and very comfortable. Attention to details, top level furnishings, rooms compete with suites in Melia Habana for style, comfort, and quality at 1/3 the price. 5 star, 100% recommended!! Esta casa es increible bonito, muy bien cuidado, y bastante comodo. Atencion a cada detalle es prioridad, lo mejor muebles, los habitaciones son comparables a un Suite en hotel Melia Habana por estilo, confort, y calidad, todo por 1/3 el precio. Yo lo recomiendo 100%, 5 estrellas para mi!!
  • ISABELL, 2017-01-12
  • Maria, 2016-11-26
    We had a wonderfull time at Tony's B&B in Playa Giron! Nice,quiet clean place. Breakfast and dinner were very tastfull. Tony and Mary are very kind people and we were very welkome. Love iT!
  • DJ Sanders, 2016-02-07
    Great house to rent!! I stayed at this house last year. I am glad to see it listed. The house is really great and very private and close to beaches and Varadero. Amarilis does a great breakfast. I highly recommend this rental house...very clean, private, comfortable and all the decor it brand new. Giant patio on second floor as well. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND CASA AMARYLLIS...a whole house for the price of a room. 5 stars******
  • Sophie and Laszlo,
    Thank you for your and your colleague's help to be able to spend really nice 18 days in Cuba. We are very glad to meet cuban people and to see Cuba and the cities we could visit. The people in the casa particulares was very kind and helpful everywhere. We needed their help especially in case of the car rented by us. Finaly we changed the car in Habana with the help of Luis, but Ricardo in Cienfuegos and Marias husband in St Clara also gave us very useful assistance at the agency of the local Cubacar. In Habana in the house of Zeny y Luis we spent super time, they were kind and helpful, the flat is nice, comfortable and clean. We advise to stay there anybody who has a rented car. In Vinales "Pupi" was kind and her food were excellent, the room is good and clean. Zunilda in Matanzas was also kind to us, the breakfast was good and sometimes too much. Zunilda every evening did conversation to us, so I could practice my poor Spanish. Marias "habitacion" in St Clara was also nice, she speaks Spanish too fast, so I asked to repeat several times and requested "hablar despacio". The hostal in Trinidad is a small hotel, the room and the food is good, but we didn't feel to be the members of the family. Hortensia y Ricardo in Cienfuegos were very nice to us and very helpful. We were speaking a lot. Luis in Habana can speak English quite well so it was a disadvantage for me not to be able to practice my Spanish. We liked Cuba, the sea, the playas, the cities and not last the people. Please convey our thanks to the above mentioned persons, because we do not know their direct e-mail addresses. Thank for your assistance, best regards Sophie and Laszlo