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ACINOX COMERCIAL, 15 years servicing the Cuban steel industry

ACINOX COMERCIAL, 15 years servicing the Cuban steel industry

ACINOX COMERCIAL is the leading company in Cuba in the import and export of steel and its derivatives, with products offered by the country’s metals industry around the world.

With highly professional, expert, committed and staff that are constantly improving, this company, headed by Roylán Agustín Pérez Sánchez, its General Director, has a long history of efficiency and proven professionalism in the sales of steel products, which has led ACINOX COMERCIAL, part of the Business Group of the Steelworking Industry (GESIME) of the Ministry of Industries (MINDUS), to be recognized in both the domestic and international markets.
ACINOX COMERCIAL, 15 years servicing the Cuban steel industry
In conversation with CubaPLUS Magazine, Pérez Sánchez expressed:
We promote exports of products and services of companies in the industrial sector. In all these years, both in Central America and the Caribbean, as well as in Europe and Asia, ACINOX COMERCIAL has been the main company to export products offered by the island’s metals industries (steel and its derivatives, and others), endorsed by more than 40 years of experience and guaranteed quality.

At the same time, the company has been in charge of ensuring the import of raw materials, machinery, equipment and other necessary supplies, as well as technical advice and assistance for their applications," he added.

With its presence in every province of the country, through a commercial network and a highly professional, experienced and committed work force, this company has made nationwide provision of steel derivatives and electrical conductors that leave GESIME’s plants or are imported, as well as products and equipment for investments and industrial maintenance," he specified.

This has been in response to the nation’s prioritized programs and boosted the wholesale market for state-owned companies and other forms of non- state, environmental and community management," continued Pérez Sánchez.

In terms of product quality, a condition of utmost importance to meet the requirements of customers, the executive assured that the company he represents has a Quality Management System, duly endorsed by the National Office of Standardization (ONN), responsible for the activity in the country.


Calle 37, No. 20811, e/ 208 y 212, Rpto. Versalles, La Lisa, La Habana, Cuba.
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