ACINOX COMERCIAL. At the service of import and export

ACINOX COMERCIAL. At the service of import and export



Professionalism, expertise and commitment are essential for a working group to function. Attitudes like these characterize the group that forms the state-owned company ACINOX COMERCIAL, authorized by the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Foreign Investment to provide services to workers in non-state forms of management.

Roylan Agustín Pérez Sánchez, its general director, as well as the foreign trade specialists that make up the company, are highly qualified, familiar with the current and potential market, and work in accordance with the most modern practices and requirements of international trade, with a proven high level of efficiency in the marketing and importexport of steel products. Part of the Grupo Empresarial de la Industria Sidero Mecánica (GESIME), ACINOX COMERCIAL has the promotion of exports of goods and services of industrial sector companies among its main missions. Europe, the Caribbean area and Central America have been the main export regions of the products of the country’s metallurgical industries.

ACINOX COMERCIAL. At the service of import and export

Guaranteeing the import of raw materials is one of the tasks that ACINOX COMERCIAL has also taken on, said José Enrique Pazos Sánchez, the organization’s director of imports for the last four years, with eight previous years as director of a territorial UEB, and for whom Acinox is an extension of his home, where he has built up 12 years of wonderful experience.

The executive tells us about the versatility of this company, since it is an importer-exporter and marketer, and has a wide commercial network in all the provinces: “It is a selfsufficient organization from the point of view of transportation, with capacity to move imported and exported goods to and from the ports.

As far as working with non-state forms of management, we are going to dedicate ourselves to both the import and export of self-employed workers and non-agricultural cooperatives. This mission requires an internal company reorganization, adapting all procedures to the current legislation, for which our country published the legal framework in the Official Gazette on August 17. For this reason, we designed a program that contains a clear procedure covering all work with non-state forms of management”.

This modern and competitive organization is made up of experts who have responded to the current demands of the market. Its main merit should be highlighted: to provide steel derivatives and electrical conductors on a national scale, as well as products and equipment for investment and industrial maintenance that promote the wholesale market to state companies and to non-state forms of management, with the aim of reaching customers by the best means available to Cuban companies today.

Calle 37, No. 20811, e/ 208 y 212, Rpto. Versalles, La Lisa, La Habana, Cuba.
Phone: (+53) 7 260 8990, 7 260 8991, 7 267 0393, Fax: (+53) 7 267 7501