A Bright Future

A Bright Future


By Mercy Ramos, Photos: Courtesy of Horizonte Constructora

Founded four years ago, building company Horizonte Constructora is an example of the new forms of productive organizations springing up in Cuba. TO date its results have been highly satisfying, in the opinion of its president Leonardo Almaguer González.

A Bright Future

In an interview with CubaPlus Almaguer explained that Horizonte is the only cooperative of its type in the eastern Cuban province of Holguín, made up of ninety-one cooperative members including sixteen specialists who together form the organization’s management.

“The cooperative’s work covers new builds, repair, maintenance and renovation as well as decoration. We work from scratch. We can raise a building from its foundations right through to the finish,” he says.

“Our projects are ‘key-in-hand’, meaning we complete the project and deliver a finished building, ready to use. We’re currently working on a project for Seisa consisting of new buildings and I can assure you it’s working out very well.”

Horizonte Constructora also carry out landscaping, plus they have a rigging crew available for exterior painting and window maintenance even on the highest buildings.

A Bright Future

Since it started nearly four years ago, Horizonte Constructora has taken on several building maintenance contracts in its home province of Holguín including the Frank País international airport, the offices of ETECSA (the Cuban national telecommunications company) in the provincial capital, and a spinning mill in the coastal town of Gibara.

“Up to now our results have been very satisfactory,” said Almaguer. “We have strengthened, we’ve become more organized and over this period we have been able to see that we’re capable of this. We have achieved many of the goals we set; the team has come together to get our work done and, in one way or another, to contribute to the national economy.”

He is optimistic about the cooperative’s current work as well as its future: “I think the government had a great idea giving people the possibility to form cooperatives. We’re supported by the authorities, and I believe we will continue to advance. We have a promising future.”