CEDAI, automatically at your service

CEDAI, automatically at your service


The Integral Automation Company CEDAI is a provider of integral solutions adapted to client needs. Our services range from project design to implementation and subsequent maintenance or continuous improvement, enabling sustainable installed technological systems.

Real Estate Automation Services
The use and consumption of energy has been a key indicator marking the different stages of human development. The history of mankind has been nothing more than the history of its control over energy sources and technologies.

The current competitive conditions demand greater efficiency in the operation of buildings, the most important parameter being, among others, the cost/ utility ratio of the building.

Energy consumption in buildings is very significant, as is the price of electricity, which is becoming increasingly expensive.

Compared to traditional systems, automated systems allow up to 50% savings in energy consumption, depending on the type of installation and the level of automation, while payback times are generally less than 24 months.

CEDAI, automatically at your service

Systems to be controlled and/or monitored within a building:
Hot and cold water generation system.
Drinking water and wastewater pumping system.
Cold room system.
Centralized and room climate system.
Lighting system.
Irrigation system.
Energy backup system (generator set).
Energy management system.
Access control system.
Supervision and data acquisition systems (SCADA), including remote monitoring via web.
Design, assembly and certifications of wired or wireless telecommunications networks.
Integration of automatic intruder detection and CCTV systems.

Industrial Process Automation Services
Services include:

- Design, configuration and commissioning of supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems, including remote monitoring via web.
- Design, configuration, adjustment and commissioning of control systems, control loops, logic sequences of any work process or industrial production line, all based on the programming of programmable logic controllers (PLC), operator panels (HMI) or process controllers.
- Selection, adjustment, diagnosis and configuration of all types of field instrumentation: sensors, transducers, variable speed drives, control valves, gateways or communication platforms.
- Design, configuration, adjustment and commissioning of weighing or dosing control system, recipe implementation, invoicing and inventory control.
- Design, configuration, adjustment and commissioning of motion control systems using electronic, electromechanical, hydraulic and/or pneumatic techniques, including design of the necessary communication networks.
- Design, diagnosis and assembly of industrial networks, distributed control systems (DCS), frequently used in the industrial sector.
- Design, configuration and commissioning of integral solutions to achieve energy savings and efficient use of energy.

Comprehensive energy efficiency and renewable energy project proposals
The objective of energy efficiency projects is to reduce dependence on fossil fuel consumption. The combustion of fossil fuels generates large emissions of harmful gases. As this consumption reduces, it should be gradually replaced by clean and renewable energies.

1. Balance and accommodation of loads.
2. Lighting zoning.
3. Automatic power factor compensation.
4. Supervision of electrical parameters.
5. Measurement of individual consumption.
6. Dazzlers.
7. Variable speed drive applications.
8. Charging stations for electric vehicles.
9. Lighting control.
10. Control and technological updating of air-conditioning and refrigeration equipment.
11. Use of FRE and Solar Pumping.
12. SCADA.
13. Hybrid systems (Fuel save Controller).

CEDAI can integrate all the systems worked with, achieving rational energy use and an increase in production efficiency, guaranteeing the quality parameters established for the production processes, increasing reliability levels and improving operator working conditions, among other advantages.n


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