CEDAI. Cuba’s Leading Company in the Automation Sector

CEDAI. Cuba’s Leading Company in the Automation Sector



The modern world is closely linked to automation, one of the essential services provided by the Integral Automation Company, CEDAI along with others such as electricity, networks, consulting, technical assistance and related processes.

CEDAI. Cuba’s Leading Company in the Automation Sector

It belongs to the GELECT Business Group of the Industry Sector.

Founded in 1978, it develops automation projects, with the philosophy of integrating systems aimed at industries and buildings for the rational use of energy and the increase in quality and production efficiency.

One of the production lines to be developed is related to the automation of society, which aims to bring the automatic to the citizen, a task that must be prioritized given the growing demographic aging of the country.

Responding to the growing needs of our customers we offer the following services:
- Preparation of thecnical task and proposal of solutions
- Performing basic and detail engineering
- Supply of material
- Installation and start up
- Assembly and Commissioning
-Technical assistance in automated systems, electrical systems and industrial cybersecurity
- Training, qualification and technical preparation of the user’s personnel
- Preparation of technical information and operating manuals
- Warranty Service
- Maintenance Service

CEDAI. Cuba’s Leading Company in the Automation Sector

Provides solutions along the lines of:
- Automation of Industrial Processes.
- Automation of buildings.
- Specialized Electricity applicable to demands of any sector of the economy.
- Solutions applicable to different water treatment systems and impact on the Environment.

The accompaniment and support of the clients throughout the entire process, from the conception of the project to its implementation and subsequent maintenance or continuous improvement, constitutes a fundamental premise.

Its organizational structure allows its presence throughout the national territory, as well as guaranteeing the fulfillment of services with efficiency and professionalism. The intention to strengthen its presence at an international level is essential for its growth.

CEDAI. Cuba’s Leading Company in the Automation Sector

CEDAI has more than 300 specialists from related branches trained and versed in new technologies, with expertise in assimilating different industrial processes and adapting advanced solutions that allow greater control and efficiency in technological processes.

The export of services has been consolidated with a presence mainly in:
- Mexico
- Panama
- Dominican Republic
- Guadeloupe
- Chile
- Equatorial Guinea
- Venezuela

CEDAI’s premise is the consolidation of comprehensive energy efficiency projects that represent a guarantee of development for Cuba and an authentic revolution in urban planning, mobility and the use of energy.

Calle 13 esq G, Vedado, Plaza de la Revolución, La Habana. Cuba.
+53 7835 3651
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