Cítricos Caribe. Selling the most authentic of Cuban Agriculture

Cítricos Caribe. Selling the most authentic of Cuban Agriculture



The export and import company “Cítricos Caribe S.A.” is a company with 100% Cuban capital, founded on February 16, 1994. It belongs to the Ministry of Agriculture and joined the Grupo Empresarial Agrícola (GAG) in 2015.

With more than 25 years of experience, Cítricos Caribe S.A is known for its magnificent results in foreign trade and the excellent products it sells in the international market. It imports the agricultural supplies necessary to ensure production, research, scientific technical services, and exports. We import the inputs, agricultural products and supplies necessary for the assurance of production, research, scientific and technical services and exports.

Cítricos Caribe. Selling the most authentic of Cuban Agriculture

We market worldwide, mainly in the European market, fresh fruits and vegetables, produced throughout the island, which identify the unmistakable and authentic tropical flavor, with the highest quality and in balance with the environment.

This allows us to satisfy the dissimilar preferences of the target markets, dueto the variety of our offers.

Charcoal is our main export item due to its quality and acceptance in the international market, which continues to gain space worldwide, promoting different ideal formats for domestic consumption and for industry.

We continue exporting honey from bees, we have also incorporated other products from the hive such as pollen, pollen jams, propolis and nutritional supplements.

We bet on the export of new lines with both medicinal and nutritional properties such as Aloe Vera, Turmeric, Ginger; and likewise tubers such as Yams, Sweet Potato, maintaining the commitment to be better every day and meet the expectations ofthe international market, We also promote the export of services, provided by the Research Institutes of the Agricultural Group, specialized in different crops and integrated by a highly qualified personnel, who carry out the research activity generating products and services that respectthe environment and of greatimpatinthe production.

We have a Quality Management System certified by ISO 9001: 2015.

Wesellin the international market:
Fresh products:
- Mango, Avocado, Persian Lima, Chili Peppers.
- Charcoal, Honeybee, Nutritional supplements, Ornamental and medicinal plants Sweetpotato, Yam, Turmeric, Ginger.

- Consulting andtrainingin good agricultural practices.
- Specialized agricultural technical assistance.
- Adviceandtransfer of agricultural technologies.
- Technical diagnosis.
- Training.
- Packageofservices.

Main market: Europe and the rest of the world. Supplier portfolio: wide portfolio of diverse suppliers and customers in different geographical areas, 67 of which are manufacturers.


direxportaciones@ccaribe.co.cu / dirmercadotecnia@ccaribe.co.cu
Phones: +53 7881 4768 / +53 7882 0122 / +53 7882 0446 ext., 112, 138, 164, 165