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Club Habana Tennis Tournament

Club Habana Tennis Tournament

More than 60 players from eight countries participated in the fourth edition of the ITF Master Tennis Tournament "Club Habana 2009", sponsored by Havana Club Rum and BrasCuba cigarette company.

The competition, held each year at Club Habana in western Havana, is sanctioned by the International Tennis Federation and was preceded by the 7th Tennis Open "Club Habana Cup", also held each year at Club Habana.

This year's ITF singles winners in the following categories were: over 35 years, Renodis López, from Cuba; over 45, Rodrigo García, Mexico; over 55, Jesús Aquique, Mexico and over 65, also from Mexico, Isaul Garrido.

The doubles winners were: over 35, Pascal Hernández (France) and Cal ixto Orozco (Cuba), over 45, Cal ixto Orozco and Miguel Cordoví (both from Cuba); over 55, Jesús Aquique (Mexico) and Walter Damico (Italy). fifth edition of the ITF Master Tennis Tournament will be held November 21 - 27, 2010 in Club Habana.

Each year since, the show-turned-tradition takes place in the cityrsquo;s historic center, invading everything: streets, porches and inner courtyards. Music-driven dancers twist, dance and swing, often joined by the street audience seduced by the rhythm.

As in previous years, this 12th edition merited the enthusiasm of those who waited impatiently each day for the participating dancers, choreographers and theatre people from Cuba and other nations.

This article would not be complete without accolades to Isabel Bustos,organizer and director of this performance art that has become an international event with astounding participation.

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