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Efficiency Backed Up By Experience

Efficiency Backed Up By Experience

Empresa Industrial Ramón Peña (EIRP) is a Cuban industrial enterprise that has been producing and selling transport industry parts and equipment for six decades.

Located in Guanabacoa, an east Havana municipality, the company is made up of three sub-companies: Constructora de Equipos Mecánicos, Industrial Guanabo and IMECA.

Efficiency Backed Up By Experience

The products they produce and market include articulated trucks with trailers and semi-articulated trucks, as well as parts and components for transport vehicles and related machinery. They also produce trucks, vans, fittings, gear assemblies and mechanized parts as well as construction machinery.

EIRP was formed in 2012 when the Empresa Constructora de Equipos Mecánicos (Mechanical Equipment Production Company) fused with Empresa Industrial Guanabo (Guanabo Industrial Company). This year the UEB Industria Mecánica Caribe (IMECA) joined the group.

Now known by its acronym EIRP, this trio of successful enterprises combines infrastructures and personnel geared towards optimally fulfilling its fundamental goal: efficient, high-quality production.

The company’s mission is to meet the present and future needs of its clients through high quality, highly competitive production, efficient and competitive organisation with elevated productivity aimed at import substitution and growing exports. Its highly motivated and experienced professional team are committed to the company’s development.

Its principal production lines are: dump truck trailers, sugar cane trailers, olympic trailers, platform trailers, cattle trailers, Ampirol truck boxes, waste disposal containers, waste compactor trucks and hydraulic and electrical cement mixer trucks.

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