The life of crops

The life of crops


When we hear about irrigation systems, in any of its techniques, we think that it is an innovative and modern way to give the crops the water they don’t get from the rain and that they need to optimize their physiological processes, in order to obtain the expected results in terms of yield.

If the soil does not have enough water, or it is not available through natural sources on time, it is essential to use an artificial supply of the precious liquid, and hence the importance of these systems. Crops have critical moments when they need to meet their water requirements; if these are not fully covered it can mean a serious loss of yield.

The life of crops

The Industrial Irrigation Company (EIR), belonging to the Business Group of the Steelworking Industry (GESIME) of the Ministry of Industries, has a human capital with a long history in the search and solution of innovations for the national industry. It also provides a constant engineering service, in continuous learning and development. Thanks to its contributions, irrigation is today the exciting world of those who have created relevant works for the industrial development of the country. “The expertise and youth are intertwined in this entity in each of the basic business units involved,” commented its General Director, José Luis Toledo to this publication.

They produce and market
-Sprinkler irrigation systems (suitable for all types of crops and full-coverage irrigation).
-Microspraying (used mainly in organoponic crops and seedling areas).
-Trickle (85 to 90% yield and 3 to 4 times more water saving than in irrigation by water).
-They produce their accessories: parts, pieces, aggregates.
-Electric pumps (they are submersible and are used in pumping wells, although their flexibility of use makes them suitable for almost any case).
-Motor pumps.
-Productions derived from plastic, packaging.
-Electric pipes with capacity up to 4 000 km.
-Hydraulic modules with capacity up to 10 000 km.
-Sanitary modules, accessories and pipes.
-Connections for different sectors such as agriculture, housing and others, with the aim of providing quality solutions to its customers.

- Installation and assembly of irrigation and sustainability systems. -Installation and assembly of pumping systems in hotels.

Water is essential to make the most of the land’s potential, as well as to allow plants to fully utilize the other production factors that increase yields. Good management and its sustainable use will help ensure better production


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