Empresa Industria Electrónica

Empresa Industria Electrónica



The Empresa Industria Electrónica (EIE) is the leading company in the production of household appliances in Cuba. Thanks to the modernity, flexibility and efficiency of our business structure and operations, the products exceed international standards. Our philosophy is to guarantee the quality of products to satisfy customers. The efforts of our workers are focused on achieving durable and modern products, for which we use wide-ranging technologies in the market.

Energy Efficiency / Lighting Project Five years of experience underpins the Industry’s work in the increasingly dynamic and complex lighting market, stressed Edel Gómez Gómez, General Director of the EIE.

Empresa Industria Electrónica

To guarantee any requirement and create solutions tailored to customers and areas of use, we have a modernised assembly line to assemble LED lights, with a production capacity of 1 million units per year. This area is made up of: production line, ageing line, test laboratory and completed production.

With projections of an easy-to-install product, with high energy efficiency and light quality, the National Industry seeks to consolidate itself in the lighting sector.

Renewable Energies / Installation and Maintenance Services of Photovoltaic Parks Forecasts for future electricity prices show a clear upward trend that goes hand in hand with the constant increase in energy demand. Therefore, the time is favorable to invest and become an energy producer. The decision to install a photovoltaic solar park in one of these variations has never been so affordable, advantageous and easy for a company as it is today.

Now is the time to transform the company into an economically sustainable and future-ready company with a clear energy strategy!

Empresa Industria Electrónica

Sustainable and efficient industry Currently, in the EIE there is the potential to generate approximately 666 kilowatt / peak (MWp) from solar energy, which implies the total installation of 2,664 photovoltaic modules in photovoltaic solar generators connected to the entity’s Internal System.

Modernization and automation project for third party electrical substations (industrial) We have a renovated electrical substation, which has given us the experience to provide the following services to entities of the Organización Superior de Dirección Empresarial (OSDE) and Grupo de la Electrónica (GELECT) the Ministerio de Industrias (MINDUS). Our productive activity has been growing since our creation. We maintain commercial agreements with producers from different countries, which allows us to be at the forefront of the sector. Likewise, we continue to improve our production management through research and improvement of our products. We look for the greatest energy efficiency possible from our products, to reduce electricity consumption.

We work towards modernization of the industry in the country, in order to create authentic Cuban products of high utilitarian and commercial value. Our premise: raise energy efficiency in Cuba. Among the main objectives of the EIE are the execution of strategies for the country’s industrial development; the projection of growth on a consolidated basis that contributes to the integral development of industry, with advanced technology, with a positive impact on the policy of recycling, packaging and wrapping; the preservation of the environment in the rearrangement and efficient use of machinery and equipment, with the creation of productive conditions, technology and organization, to achieve efficient development in the industry for the future, without failing to satisfy demand with the quality required.