ESAE, a guarantee for its future

ESAE, a guarantee for its future



Guaranteeing the production of tools necessary for the production of other items is the fundamental objective of the Company of Services Associated to the Container (ESAE), part of the GESIME group, and which mainly produces dies of less than a metre diameter and all kinds of moulds, with little use of material, in order to reduce imports.

ESAE, a guarantee for its future

As Raul Monroy Palmer, general director, explained to this publication, ESAE has been working hard in recent years to strengthen and position itself within Cuban industry, and has played a vital role in the water management program. This company also carries out projects thought impossible in Cuba. Among them, production of the obstruction matrices of refrigerator joints, shafts of rolling mills of resistors used to manufacture electrical resistors and the molds for casting pieces of pressure cookers, rice steamers and allin- one cookers.

Leader in production of tools In addition, the company has a strong presence in other industries such as the food industry as it manufactures sealing machines, which close tin cans used for storage. Other goods produced are destined for transport. To date, over 400 Cuban companies have benefited from its products. “Our clients grow in line with our modernisation”, afirmed Monroy.

As such, management says that it currently possesses efficient and productive equipment, maintained to modern standards, which brings potential benefits from a technical point of view. “With this equipment, and highly qualified human capital, the future of ESAE is guaranteed.”

PRODUCTS Moulds and dies ESAE designs and produces moulds and dies, for which it uses an area of design and technology with specialists with vast experience, capable of satisfying all requirements of the clients.

The dies are classified into Cut, Folded, Inlaid and Multiple, in relation to the article required, and they are made with special steel to achieve the strength needed, which guarantees their durability.

ESAE, a guarantee for its future

Replacement pieces Replacement pieces are those components which perform a mechanical function for a replacement.

ESAE guarantees the design and manufacture of pieces you need with an unbeatable quality, boosted by the right knowledge and technique. It produces conical and straight sprockets with straight and inclined teeth up to 400mm thickness and up to 600mm diameter in whichever module, with material requested by the client which can be: case hardening steel, tempered steel, stainless steel, bronze, copper and aluminum, among others.

Tin can sealing machines Replacement kits for manual tin can sealing machines are used for the replacement of tools which guarantee the hermetic sealing of the tins. These are made up of: - 2 knurls (1st and 2nd generation) - 2 knurl bolts - 1 spindle

In the case of industrial sealing machines with more than 1 head, the replacement kits will be in relation to the technical characteristics of each machine.

The knurls, spindles and bolts are made with steel 95 x18 (special stainless steel), according to the GOST standard, heat treated to harden at 1050 degrees which achieves between 58 and 60 HRC.

The types of replacement kits made for capping machines are for: - Can capper of a gallon diameter 603 - Can capper of half a kilo diameter 300 - Can capper of 7 ounces diameter 307 - Can capper of puree diameter 202 - Adjustable can capper (seal cans of ½ kilo and ¼ kilo) - Adjustable can capper (seal cans of a gallon and ½ gallon) - Industrial cappers Panama, Ferrum, Maxam, Comaco, GDS, PDS, Lubeca, Antelo, Lomasa y Nina, among others.