ESAE, the future is guaranteed

ESAE, the future is guaranteed



The fundamental objective of the Packaging-Related Services Company (ESAE), part of the GESIME Group, is to guarantee the production of tools required by other companies to ensure their production.

Fundamentally, said ESAE’s General Director, Raúl Monroy, to this publication, we manufacture the molds and dies needed by other companies to be able to produce with little material expense, in terms of the need to buy from abroad, so we play an important role in import substitution.

ESAE, the future is guaranteed

“When I took over the management of this organization, ESAE was a company in extinction, so during this time we have worked hard, creating an image and an important place within Cuban industry, strengthening it generally,” he expressed. “We currently have equipment that brings potential to the company from the technical point of view and with such efficient and productive modernized equipment, and highly qualified human capital, ESAE’s future is guaranteed,” said Monroy.

In recent years, the company has begun to play an important role within the group, mainly in the water saving program, and is involved in productions that were not thought possible in Cuba.

ESAE, the future is guaranteed

Nevertheless, noted the executive, ESAE is making them, for example, production of blockage dies for refrigerator gaskets, the shafts of the rolling mills of resistors used to manufacture electrical resistors, the molds for casting parts of pressure cookers, rice steamers and all-in-one cookers.

The company manufactures dies of all types, of less than a meter in diameter, and all types of molds. The manufacture of these products is praiseworthy, because they require much less raw material than what may be needed, for example, to manufacture cans, which consume tons of aluminum.

“Our customers,” said Monroy, “are growing along with our modernization. This year alone we have worked for 465 companies in our archipelago. We have a strong role in the food industry, since we manufacture the can sealing machines, which seal the tins of canned food.”

A third part of the plan is with the food industry and the other part is very concentrated in GESIME itself, in the transport industry, but basically we work a lot with the group and its own companies, guaranteeing the tools with which they work, which is why it is considered one of the pillars of the steel working industry in Cuba.

ESAE, the future is guaranteed

ESAE today works to offer its customers a service of excellence while supporting the national economic development program and import substitution, Monroy explained.


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