Frutas Selectas. The elite of the tropics

Frutas Selectas. The elite of the tropics



The Cuban company Grupo Empresarial Agrícola (GAG) Frutas Selectas, part of the Ministerio de la Agricultura, has for over four decades been responsible for supplying agricultural products to the tourist sector of the country and other priority organizations.

Frutas Selectas. The elite of the tropicsRegistered in the Cámara de Comercio de la República de Cuba as an export body, it has managed through marketing to satisfy a large part (70%) of the demand for agricultural products. It is based in the capital municipality of Cerro and has 14 Unidades Empresariales de Base. Of those, only one deals with the securing and logistics of the supplies; the rest are dedicated to marketing these products and supplying them to the hotel and tourism facilities of the Ministry of Tourism. Highly qualified, competent and efficient personnel make up the productive base.

They do this using cutting-edge technologies that bestow value on the products.

“The tourism sector continues to grow, which indicates we won’t stop, it’s the certainty of having future development prospects”, general director Juan Carlos Rodríguez Portuondo told this publication. To meet this great challenge, the company prioritizes the collection and wholesale marketing of fruits and agricultural products – fresh, dried, pickled, frozen, preserved, in candies, pulp, concentrated and natural juices, mini portions, condiments, charcoal and natural products for infusions.

The fresh fruits, identifiable by their unmistakeable and authentic tropical flavor, are the primary sources of export depending on the season.

Nevertheless, vegetables and root crops are also cultivated and exported for supply to commercial vessels, cruise liners or yachts, allowing for the tastes and preferences of divergent markets to be satisfied.

A quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001/2015 standards ensures the excellence of the output, always guaranteed.


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