Grupo Empresarial Agrícola (GAG), a horizon of possibilities and the answer to many challenges.

Grupo Empresarial Agrícola (GAG), a horizon of possibilities and the answer to many challenges.



The Grupo Empresarial Agrícola (GAG) is a senior business management organization (OSDE) which emerged from the process of structural, compositional and functional improvement carried out by the Ministry of Agriculture in 2015.

Its mission is to direct, coordinate and control the business management system of the bodies that compose it, which are distributed throughout the national territory and range from research and development of new products, to the production and marketing of the most varied agricultural productions.

Grupo Empresarial Agrícola (GAG), a horizon of possibilities and the answer to many challenges.

MsC. Frank Castañeda Santalla, President of the Group, said in an exclusive interview with CubaPLUS magazine that these actions are based on agro-industrial chains that allow for contribution to local food security, supplying the domestic market, the tourism sector, import substitution and increasing exports. Its business system is made up of 61 companies, five research institutes and a scientific and technological unit for extension and training at the base.

“We are producers of rice and other grains, items such as beans, corn, root vegetables, vegetables and fruits are produced by our companies and its productive base, made up essentially of Unidades Empresariales de Base (UEB) and agricultural cooperatives, we have specialized companies for this purpose,” said Castañeda Santalla.

At that time we had only one export company (Cítricos Caribe S.A.), today we have five, four of them state-owned and one mixed company, he said.

“Exports have gradually increased. Our main objective is to cover our foreign exchange expenses with the income from the exports we make. That is our ultimate goal and we have the potential to do so,” Castañeda Santalla stressed.

Grupo Empresarial Agrícola (GAG), a horizon of possibilities and the answer to many challenges.

The alliance with universities, research centers and other organizations is essential to achieving that goal. One of our main strengths is to have five research institutes based on introducing scientific and technical results. About the importance of business strategies for the proper functioning of the company, its president explained. “A good commercial strategy allows you to place the best and most varied Cuban products in the markets and open new opportunities.

Cuban fruits are very coveted in the whole world, fruits such as mango, guava, pineapple, papaya, avocado, are distinctive for their special aroma, their exquisite flavor and their composition, free of chemicals. A good market strategy for these fruits, under the distinctive seal and image of Cuba, is essential in the development that we have proposed to achieve, not only of the Agricultural Group and its business system, but also for Cuban agriculture”. Countries such as Canada, a high consumer of fruits, and regions of Europe, the Americas, the West Indies, the Caribbean and the Middle East are the main market niches identified for where to focus exports, and their leading products are charcoal, tropical fruits and juices, nectars, concentrates, essential oils obtained from grapefruit, lemon and oranges.

Open to foreign investment, they have developed 11 projects of direct foreign investment oriented to the agro-industrial development of production and productive chains with the rest of the branches of the national economy that promote sustainable development and raise the efficiency, quality and competitiveness of the different forms of management.

The potential foreign partners facilitate access to advanced technologies, management methods, the diversification and expansion of export markets, external financing, the creation of new sources of employment and the raising of revenue, defending the values that identify us, contributing to a business culture of nobility, sacrilege, teamwork and good practice, promoting the results of science and technology, the Group has been able to create new potential ties that have allowed its continuous progress and expansion, the belief in the wonderful power of the earth and the commitment that exists with our people.


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