Gesime Dedicated to industrial development

Gesime Dedicated to industrial development


Founded six years ago to coordinate industrial policy for the iron and steel, metalwork and recycling sectors with the aim of promoting strengthening, development and innovation, the Iron and Steel Industry Business Group (GESIME) is today an organisation with a fundamental role in developing strategies within the sector.

GESIME’s background goes back almost four decades, when the Ministry of Industries directed, executed and controlled the Cuban State and Government’s policy for the activities of the iron and steel-mechanical sector.

During the 1980s, the then SIME (ironmechanical group) underwent a significant investment process that created and expanded important manufacturing facilities to produce sugar cane combine harvesters, accumulators, irrigation equipment, agricultural implements, household appliances, medical and biotechnology equipment, and machinery to facilitate iron and steel industry expansion.

Since the birth of GESIME, these strategies have been honed over the years and have today achieved a solid industry constantly improving itself by transforming and modernizing technology, motivated by a desire to overcome complex issues.

GESIME is now the national leader in metalmechanics, recycling and the iron and steel industry, meeting the needs of national and international markets with high quality products and services.

GESIME relies on its highly qualified workforce committed to its job of achieving continuous development and specialization and creating a high-level business culture that allows it to compete on a global level.