The Habanos Festival, organized by the Habanos S.A. Corporation and the Tabacuba Business Group, celebrates its 13th Edition this year, in Havana, from February 21st to 25th. The Festival is a celebration and tribute to the Habano, a distinctive product which is the result of a unique combination of Cuban soils, climate, centuriesold knowledge and history. The Festival is also the perfect opportunity for launching new Habanos, as well as for tasting and associations of the Habano with other prestige products worldwide.

Among the major new releases to be presented by Habanos S.A. at the 13th Festival is the new Partagás Serie E. Furthermore, a new Habano is added to the already legendary Serie D, with the inclusion of Partagás Serie D No. 5. Also H.Upmann’s new size cigar, named the Half Corona, will be showcased. Finally, the new Montecristo No. 2 Gran Reserva, the first Gran Reserva within the Montecristo brand that has an exclusive numbered production, will be presented at the closing Gala Dinner.

The origin of the famous Partagás brand dates back to 1845, over 165 years ago. A Partagás is immediately recognizable by its rich and intense flavour. The character of its blend, made up of selected tobaccos from the Vuelta Abajo region in Pinar del Río Province, is very rich and aromatic. After the presentation a few years back of the first Series with a torpedo shape, with the inclusion of the P No. 2, the prestige of the Partagás Series has continued to increase. Now, Partagás brings out two new releases to be enjoyed exclusively during the 13th Habanos Festival: The Serie E No. 2 and The Serie D No. 5. The new Partagás Serie E No. 2 (girth 54, 140 mm long) inaugurates the new Serie E fully conceived for Habanos of 54 ring gauge. The Serie E No. 2 would be considered a reference cigar for those smokers who seek Habanos of greater flavour and intensity of taste.

Another exclusive release in the brand is the Partagás Serie D No. 5 (girth 50, 110 mm long), whose novel size was part of the 2008 Limited Edition. This cigar was highly appreciated by those smokers who wanted to enjoy the flavour of a Partagás Serie D, (designed in accordance with the 50 ring gauge Habanos), but in a shorter smoke than the Serie D No. 4. All the flavour of Partagás locked in this small size allows aficionados to unveil its aromas and enjoy its intense flavour, but in a shorter period of time that is in keeping with the new circumstances affecting smokers worldwide.

The Half Corona from H.Upmann (girth 44 and 90 mm long), which will be presented during this Festival, is very trendy since it is adapted to the global situation regarding the limited time many have for self-indulgence. Others prefer it because of the existence of few available places for smoking, as they want to enjoy the wide range of sensations a Habano can provide but in a shorter format.

This soon to be added size to the H.Upmann brand is an invitation to a short, pleasant smoke that has a light to medium flavour, is very aromatic and provides a balanced flavour. It is also ideal for those who may wish to venture into the extraordinary world of Habanos.

The Gala Dinner and evening, to be held on Friday, the 25th, will close this edition of the Festival with the presentation of Montecristo Gran Reserva, 2005 crop. The emblematic Montecristo No. 2 size, which is part of the Montecristo Gran Reserva, has been chosen for this unique production and is the first Gran Reserva to be presented in this great Habanos brand.

Montecristo has been a prestigious Habanos brand since its origin in 1935 and has become a reference among Habanos lovers. This new Gran Reserva delves into the unique character of Habanos as a protected denomination of origin. Manufactured with tobacco leaves grown in 2005, the filler, binders and wrappers were selected and carefully aged during a long and careful process of at least 5 years. Montecristo Gran Reserva is a one-off release of 5,000 numbered boxes. All in all, the Habanos Festival keeps surprising cigar enthusiasts and devotees with new launchings of high quality cigars.