Empresa Industrial Ramón Peña. Proven efficiency and quality

Empresa Industrial Ramón Peña. Proven efficiency and quality



The Empresa Industrial Ramón Peña (EIRP), belonging to the Grupo Empresarial de la Industria Sidero Mecánica (GESIME), is an Organización Superior de Dirección Empresarial (OSDE) formed by a group of companies working in metallurgy, the steel industry, raw materials and the collection of urban solid waste.

Located near the Guanabacoa roundabout, the EIRP is made up of three UEB (Unidad Empresarial de Base), two of which are in Havana and the third in Güira de Melena, Artemisa. Although its profile has historically been linked to the production of machinery for industry, its nomenclature has varied throughout its years of existence. Created in 1950, the Empresa Constructora de Equipos Mecánicos specialized after the Triumph of the Revolution in the manufacture of collectors, compactors, dump beds, platform beds, trailers, semi-trailers and other productions.

Empresa Industrial Ramón Peña. Proven efficiency and quality

In 2012, after the reorganization in the OSDE, the Empresa Constructora de Equipos Mecánicos (CEM) merged with the Empresa Industrial Guanabo to create the Empresa Industrial Ramón Peña (EIRP). Recently, in 2018 it was joined by the UEB Industria Mecánica Caribe (IMECA), better known as the “Carretas Factory”, thus increasing its productive experience.

In an interview with CubaPLUS magazine, its General Director Ing. Lourdes Esther Torres Ferrer stressed that “the company has qualified personnel, whose knowledge and experience is used to conceive and manufacture vital devices for the agricultural and industrial development of the Greater Antilles. The talent of its workforce, the work capacity and technological discipline are qualities possessed by Cuban industry. “Our products play a fundamental role in different sectors of the economy. We repair and manufacture trailers and semitrailers of different capacities (from two to sixty tons) that constitute our fundamental production line. In addition, we develop applications for the sugar harvest and rice harvest, as well as for communal sanitation in the country’s capital and other provinces ”. The EIRP is recognized for having a wide range of products that have replaced a high value of imports to the country. B-trains made up of trailers, semi-trailers with tractor trucks or both separate, parts, pieces and components for transport equipment, applications on chassis, cabins, trucks and vans, gears and mechanized spare parts are produced and marketed.

Empresa Industrial Ramón Peña. Proven efficiency and quality

The company is currently working with a form of foreign investment: an economic-international association with the supplier FERRUZ, from Spain. The European firm has a market position, with many years of tradition, and 30 years of operating in Cuba; It knows the Cuban market and is one of the strongest Spanish industrial groups in the manufacture of equipment similar to ours: trailers and semi-trailers.

With the International Economic Association, the development of technological equipment, the training of personnel, and the growth of export capacity are strengthened through partnerships with third parties. All these steps make it possible to maintain the company’s status as leaders in this type of production, while increasing the business portfolio. “We can affirm that our main objective is to always satisfy our client’s needs, through high quality products and a highly competitive level, with efficient organization and high productivity that allows import substitutions”, concluded Ing. Lourdes Esther Torres Ferrer.

Main Products: Tipping Trailer, Cane Trailer, Olympic Trailer, Flatbed Semitrailer, Bulk Carrier Semi-Trailer, Cattle Semi-Trailer, Ampiroll Box, Tow Truck, Garbage Container, Compressing Garbage Truck, Rodotren semi-trailer, Hydraulic 300Ls Concrete Mixer, Electric 300Ls Concrete Mixer, loader for tractor.

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