Industrias NEXUS S.A., your investment opportunity in Cuba

Industrias NEXUS S.A., your investment opportunity in Cuba


Industrias NEXUS S.A. is a trading company with one hundred percent Cuban capital, sponsored by the Light Industry Business Group (GEMPIL), whose purpose is “to associate with national and foreign interests to develop business and offer services to supply labor force, mainly to light industry”. It also provides business and foreign investment consultancy services.

The organization manages the productive processes of the textile, leather and footwear, saddlery and leather goods, clothing and accessories, graphic and printing articles, hygiene and cleaning, furniture and paint, and others to satisfy the needs and expectations of the market. The Light Industry Business Group, through trading company Industrias NEXUS S.A., identifies and negotiates investment projects with foreign capital to develop the sector’s productive capacity, so as to meet demand from the tourism sector, chain stores and national consumption. To this end, it employs environmentally friendly technologies with a high degree of automation, which adds value to the industry, substitutes imports and allows for export growth.

Industrias NEXUS S.A. is a shareholder in 11 joint ventures, some of them long-standing, such as Suchel Camacho S.A., which at 26 years is the longest established. The joint ventures formed with recognized foreign companies in the international market of Ireland, Holland, Italy, Spain and Vietnam are: Konfort Industria del Descanso S.A., Dujo Copo S.A., Suchel Camacho S.A., Suchel Proquimia S.A., Durero Caribe S.A., Compacto Caribe S.A., Adypel S.A., Mediatex S.A. and, in the Mariel Special Development Zone, Unilever Suchel S.A., Industria Arthis S.A. and Suchel TVB S.A.. Industrias NEXUS S.A. is preparing to supply labor force from 2022 to joint ventures outside the Mariel Special Development Zone.

Industrias NEXUS S.A., with the aim of developing foreign investment, set up the Cuban-Italian joint venture Industrias Arthis S.A. in the Mariel Special Development Zone (ZEDM) to produce and sell products, never before made in the country, such as disposable diapers for children and adults. It also set up Cuban- Vietnamese joint ventures to increase and diversify products already produced in Cuba, such as Suchel TBV S.A., whose detergent powder production will replace 90% of the imports on the island, and Unilever Suchel S.A., with a wide range of cleaning products.

In addition, the Cuban company is accompanying the process of negotiating and setting up international economic association contracts (CAEI) to be created in the Light Industry sector. Five contracts for production management have been established, with foreign investors from the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Chile and Italy, in the garment manufacturing, flexible packaging and door manufacturing industries.

Future short and medium term projects are currently being developed to create new joint businesses that include the production and marketing of footwear, bags, textile confections, sporting goods, sanitary hygiene products, paint and furniture, among others needed for the sustainable development of the nation and to attract foreign investment. We have a prepared and committed workforce.

These foreign investment projects are oriented to:
- boost light industry exports with diversification and expansion, as well as reducing import levels.
- access advanced technologies to be able to increase the competitiveness of the Cuban light industry, with productive capacity according to the demand and with a high level of complementarity.
- increase added value, with national producers participating in the strategic sectors that drive the economy and industry.
- create new sources of employment, specialize and prepare the necessary human resources in assimilating modern technologies.
- integrate the productive chains, with formulas of sustainability and sustainability that close cycles, promote the development of the Cuban light industry and allow the incorporation of new products.
- obtain external financing and attract new management methods.