INPUD. The company of the Cuban domestic economy

INPUD. The company of the Cuban domestic economy



The Empresa Industrial Nacional Productora de Utensilios Domésticos (INPUD), subordinate to the Ministerio de Industrias and integrated into the OSDE GELECT (Grupo de la Electrónica), has not stopped in the development, expansion and diversification of its range of products.

INPUD. The company of the Cuban domestic economy

Built 56 years ago in Santa Clara, then capital of the province of Las Villas, it began to supply Cuban households with utensils that significantly helped to substitute imports. Hand in hand with Ernesto Che Guevara, its founder, this new plant promoted the industrial development of the region, later extended to the rest of the country. It is difficult to find a Cuban family that does not have or has had at least one item from that factory.

Several of its products are based on recycled raw materials, such as pots, pans, coffee pots and fans. Currently, it works on the basis of import substitution, with the aim of producing equipment being imported by the chain stores for the domestic market.

Among these items are fans of various models, electric rice cookers and pressure cookers, one or twoburner gas stoves, and traditional pressure pots. Meanwhile, adapting to this day and age, INPUD launched its first foray into electronic commerce, expanding with force within the country’s development.

INPUD. The company of the Cuban domestic economy

On the digital page of Citmatel, the company offers several utensils, among them, one and two-burner table stoves, wall and pedestal fans, 16 and 18 inches, 12 and 16 inches table fans, as well as rice and electric pressure cookers.

The household utensil industry is also entering the market in freely convertible currency through stores created for this purpose, with new, higherend products offering better features, such as the four-burner gas cooker with oven and the 18-inch pedestal fan.

Its most significant investments are directed to the expansion and modernization of its production capacities, in accordance with the new era and the technological facilities already in place. This organization has presented an upward trend during all these years.

Characterized by producing highly competitive articles and by having excellent human capital, it is today the fundamental ally of the Cuban home for being the main producer of domestic utensils in the country.

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Santa Clara, Villa Clara.
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