International Tourism Fair: Canada is Cuba's Top Visiting Country

International Tourism Fair: Canada is Cuba's Top Visiting Country


By: Roberto F. campos Photos: Courtesy of Publicitur

The 27 th International Tourism Fair of Cuba (May 7-11, 2007) will be dedicated to Canada

With a total of more than two million foreign visitors annually, Cuba has become an enormously attractive destination for people from around the world. It has become a major tourist destination for its landscapes, history, culture, and, above all, for its people.

International Tourism Fair: Canada is Cuba's Top Visiting CountryThis trend has been encouraged by the International Tourism Fair of Cuba which will be held in Havana in May. Marking its 27th year of existence, the Fair will be dedicated this year to Canada.

Once again, the venue for the Fair will be the Morro-Cabana historical park, a colonial fortress guarding the entrance to the Havana harbour. From this venue, there is no prettier vantage point of the Cuban capital.

A Special Initiative

The F air will devote three days to industry meetings and activities and two days for tours of the country's cayos or keys. The latter is a special initiative and Cuba would like to promote the Cuban keys as a tourist destination and to consolidate existing contacts.

Additionally, opportunities for sustainable tourism will be examined with the assurance that Cuba will remain a peaceful, healthy and safe country to visit.

Cuba expects about 2.4 million foreign visitors to come to Cuba. Of this total, more than 700,000 Canadian tourists are expected to visit this year making them the number one visiting nationality. Canada is followed by the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Germany, France, and Mexico, in that order.

Ever since 1994, when Cuba started to develop its tourism industry, the yearly figures have been rising, supported by a constantly improving infrastructure which has made environmental preservation a top priority.

Cuba has always highlighted the philosophy of sustainable tourism; where human and cultural values are preserved.

A great turnout is expected at this year's Tourism Fair with Canadian companies working closely with Cuba to continue being the top provider of visitors to this beautiful island.