Minerva, in favor of development

Minerva, in favor of development



The Industrial Company “Angel Villarreal Bravo”, Minerva, is working to expand the production of electric bicycles, which is why it has ventured into electronic commerce as a way of guaranteeing the financing necessary to boost production of such an important means of transport much in demand by the Cuban population. In this way, 100 electric bikes or scooters, as they are more popularly known, have already been commercialized in this way, and in June 130 electric mopeds were put on sale, including the electric rear-loading tricycle, an item that should be very popular for the benefits it can bring to small business owners in Cuba.

21-minerva-1.jpgWork is also being done on commercialising the batteries for this market, as there are many electric bikes circulating on the roads of Cuba, and replacement pieces are not readily available. The batteries are the main problem for their sustainability and those of lead gel have a durability of about a year, so lithium ion batteries will be used, which have a longer use time, although the initial cost is higher than others.

The company signed an agreement to create an international economic association to assemble electric bicycles in Havana, which will allow for an increased capacity to assemble and as a result, increase their supply to the population.

Various feasibility studies are being worked on to develop new investments with a view to increasing the productive capacity in the manufacture of mechanical bicycles, wheelchairs and store shelving of various dimensions and applications.

In the production of shelves, the company is strengthening with the growth of demand from Almest and the companies based in Mariel, important customers that form part of the locomotive of the country’s economy: Tourism and Mariel Special Development Zone.

The country should make an effort to strengthen the state industry and achieve greater productive chains, to which Minerva cannot be oblivious, so that it directs its work in favour of the strategic objectives of the nation.